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The Role of Action in Using the Law of Attraction

February 16th, 2008 by Ryan

The wild success of the film The Secret has inspired millions to begin focusing on using the law of attraction to improve their lives. 

The question many people ask when they begin using their thoughts to change their life is "What about action; don't I have to do something?  Things can't just magically appear, right?"

(In case you aren't familiar with the Law of Attraction, view this post.)

How does action fit into using the law of attractionSo how does action fit with the law of attraction?

I've been wrestling with this idea for quite some time and I am starting to understand the role of action. 

Action is an extension of where your vibration (or level of consciousness) is at any given time. 

The higher your vibration, the more powerful the action and, therefore, the less action you will have to take. 

Think of your life like an apple tree.  If your tree is bearing rotten fruit that is misshapen, distasteful, and attracts flies, what action could you take?

Here is a little story to illustrate this idea.

There were two men each with an apple tree that was producing rotten fruit. 

The first man focused on "fixing the bad applies."  He would go to each one and scrap away the brown spots, kill the flies, and try to make it look good. This would take a long time since he had to do so much work on each apple and there were many apples

He said to others, "This is so much work, life is hard."

The second man approached it from a different perspective.  He let the bad apples be and instead focused for a long time on creating wellness in the tree. 

This reflection lead him to call apple tree specialists, do some research, read some books, all before he took any action specifically relating to the fruit.  He learned about the proper environment apple trees thrive in, how much water they need, how much sunlight, what kind of soil is best for them, and so on.  

So finally, he realized that the apples were rotten because the apple tree needed better soil, more water, and more sunlight.  He adjusted the environment, setup a system to automatically do these things on a regular basis, and then sat back and waited.

During this time, the first man was able to sell many of his "fixed" apples at a decent price while the second man still had all the bad apples that he could not sell. 

The first man turned to him and said "Hey we all have bad apples, you just have to bite the bullet and get to work."

The second man replied, "Perhaps." 

By the time the next harvest came, the first man was able to grow 10 times more apples by hiring more workers who all fixed the apples for him.  His profits per apple were lower but he was producing more so it was ok.   

The second man was able to grow 10 times as many apples as well except he didn't need to hire anyone to fix the apples.  Instead, people paid him higher prices per apple because his fruit tasted so much better. 

They would say, "There is just something about his apples that make them taste so much better." 

He sat back and enjoyed an abundant life.  He didn't need to do as much work because his action focused on the supporting the tree rather than fixing the fruit.

So when it comes to taking action, many of us get caught up in fixing the fruit of our life rather than focusing on the tree or source. Look at the medical industry, they are built around quick fixes that work on the symptoms rather than the cause of illness. 

So if you feel that feeling of "I know I should be taking action to reach my goals but I don't know what to do," don't just take action for the sake of doing something. 

Instead, focus on raising your vibration and energy.  Most of the ways that we raise our vibration are considered "doing nothing", "goofing off" or "being lazy" by society's standards.  These include meditating, listening to uplifting music, petting your dog or cat, playing fun sports, basically anything that gives us that surge of excitement or thrill.  

These types of activities are actually very powerful because they allow more life to flow through you which gives you more energy which allows you to do more and take better action.  They work on the source (you) rather than the fruit (everything outside of you).

Try meditating for 15 minutes a day and asking yourself questions such as "I want to know what the next step is for my goal of ____."  or "I want to know what business to start" or "I want to know what I should do about____."

This is the exact way I created Yang Town.  I realized that I wanted to change the design of my blog and create something better but I had no idea what.  I kept asking myself "What should I create?  What should I name it?"  Within a few weeks the idea of yang town flashed into my mind and I spent the next 8 months or so bringing it to life. 

This is why sometimes I won't post for a week.  If I don't feel like my post will be powerful enough to help others then I don't try to force an article just for the sake of writing.  When I feel like I want to write but I don't know what to write about, I meditate and ask for more wisdom. 

Then at some random time a day or two later, I will get a flash of inspiration and I will write a full article like this one in a couple hours.

When you meditate you are connecting to universal energy and knowledge, which raises your vibrations allowing you to access more powerful thoughts and ideas.

This leads to Inspired Action.  You will know when you receive inspired action because you won't need any motivation to work, you will crave work

You will feel that rush of energy and taking action will feel like the most natural thing.  You probably won't even consider it work because it feels so good to do.

So sure action is a part of the law of attraction and you have to take action for things to manifest.  The part where most people get hung up on, is they worry about what action before they get the inspiration. 

Get the inspiration first, the action will follow. 

I look at the importance of the law of attraction and action like this: Even though the law of attraction will bring me a check in the mail, I still have to take some action to cash it.  

So in this way my highest priority is taking care of my vibration or raising my consciousness. 

Action is the fruit of Vibration. 

So remember, "How can you raise your vibration or consciousness right now?" 

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14 Responses to “The Role of Action in Using the Law of Attraction”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Outstanding post, Ryan!!!

  2. Jared Says:

    I agree. Taking action for the sake of taking action can actually lead to unintended results. One might even become what one set out to avoid e.g. becoming a slave to your own business when you originally set out to start a business to avoid the 9-5 grind.

  3. mergingpoint Says:

    Wonderful inspirational post! Clarity in expression is surely felt from the depths of meditation. Not just for writing and posting but letting the expression flow when it feels like is indeed a wonderful experience.

  4. Evan Says:

    Thanks Ryan,

    I really like the idea of waiting until you know what you want to do and not taking immediate action.

  5. Bart Says:

    Fabulous post Ryan.

    It got me thinking about how we both vibe on similar levels from time to time, even though we might describe and think about things completely differently. I like how you taught the importance of action in the law of attraction.

    One sticking point I foresee some people having is that they don’t feel inspired and don’t know where to start. I was thinking on how I might describe what you said about inspired action when you said,

    ” … my highest priority is taking care of my vibration or raising my consciousness. Action is the fruit of Vibration. […] How can you raise your vibration or consciousness right now? ”

    I felt like you were reminding me of a phrase I meditated on, “Cleanliness in next to Godliness.” Inspired action comes from spiritual clarity, a pureness in purpose. When you seek to nourish yourself from the well that is within you, instead of the cup you drink out of, you “vibrate” and “attract”.

    If you don’t know where to start, get clean. Strip all the BS secondary and lackluster desires and purposes from your life and find the core.

    To be in a place in your life where you get inspired revolves around being clean. Just like a messy room, it doesn’t mean you’re dirty in the sense that you’re soiled or stained (although that may be true too). Your energy, your life, and your purpose may be all tangled and misplaced. When you view life through an unfocused lens, results are hazy, dirty, and blurry. It’s hard to make things out.

    This is only one of several reasons I’m looking forward to your release of the Yang Man’s Guide to Sexual Energy. What you eat, how you exercise, and what you do with your sex all affect your spiritual sensitivity and flow of energy. After previewing it, I think it can help a lot of people in this regard.

  6. SD Says:

    Great post! I think they make it pretty clear, in the movie at least, that action is important. I remember the scene of the young woman who wanted a relationship, when invited to come along with friends at the beach she could have turned it down but instead choose action and went along and did find romance.

    Action has a huge part in the attaction. 🙂

  7. Ryan Says:

    Thanks Ariel, I appreciate it coming from a fellow Abraham Hicks listener.

    Jared, very true. The trap of becoming a prisoner in one’s own business can happen slowly when one starts a frantic cycle of busy work.

    Well said Mergingpoint. Evan, thanks. I’m not necessarily saying to not take action…just implying the action to take is often not considered ‘action’ by society’s standards but you get my drift.

    Hey SD, thanks for the reminder there about that scene from the secret. It stimulated another idea that I added to the end of this post.

    Bart, man we are rinding on some similar vibrations. I was just realizing the other day about ‘cleaning house’ with regards to information overload. I’ve been reading almost no blogs, news sites (digg) or regular news, and limiting the books I read to just a select few. I agree, clearing the junk is a great way to raise your vibrations. In today’s world I think it’s more crucial than ever to do this. Thanks for the great comments.

  8. Alex Kay Says:

    I just love this Ryan.

    The story about the apple tree explains your point perfectly, and I really like your approach to blogging; to only write when you really feel that you can bring some kind of value. I think at some points, we’re very much alike.

    Talking about the law of attraction, I have also given the question about action some thought. This article talks about it in a really nice way, in which I think everyone can draw their own conclusions.

    I know I’m blabbling a little right now, really tired. Just wanted to say thanks for another great post my friend 🙂

  9. Tuplad Says:

    Awesome! This made my understanding of LoA much better 🙂

  10. Ryan Says:

    Tuplad, cool, cool.
    Alex, thanks man, I appreciate the good words. I do agree we have a similar writing style, one that is very reader focused and easy to understand as well. Cheers!

  11. Adelaide Says:

    I love the Apple tree analogy. Things make more sense with a practical example. Then when I’m doing something I question… I can check if I’m scraping off bruises or giving myself a better environment. Cheers.
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