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Attention is Your Spiritual Currency

October 23rd, 2007 by Ryan

We are all familiar with using money to exchange goods and services.  We utilize our specialized skills and knowledge to create value for others and then are compensated for it in the form of Dollars, Euros, and so on.  We use currency to enrich the quality of our life by purchasing things that we want and making profitable investments.

In the non-physical world, things behave in a similar way.  Think of your thoughts as if they were currency.  Every thought that you have is a purchase, an investment.  

What investments are you making every day?  Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, what parts of yourself are you spiritually financing?  Every time you read the newspaper, watch TV, or speak with others, what parts of the world are you spiritually financing?

Every time you put your attention onto something that you really want, you are spiritually financing it, even if it doesn't yet exist.  When you've financed it with enough positive emotion, desire, and energy (often in the form of action), it will eventually be paid off and will then manifest into your life.

This is how you communicate with the universe.  You invest your attention, your energy, and the universe will manifest your investment. 

We truly are the creators of our universe.

Most people experience problems when they notice their investments haven't yet manifested, and they begin to lose hope.  They lose the positive emotion that was driving the investment, and they begin to focus on the lack that they are experiencing rather then what they want. 

This is where you can use gratitude and self-acceptance as your secret weapons for rapidly speeding up manifestation and inoculating yourself against the possibility of losing hope.  

Gratitude is an amazing thing.  It allows you to appreciate everything that you already have which creates powerful positive emotions inside you.  These positive emotions are the driving force behind your manifestations.  They open the floodgates to receiving more from the universe.  

Many people bounce around spiritually; first they are excited about manifesting and focus on what they want, then they start to lose hope and focus on the lack of it.  This up and down emotional roller coaster sends mixed signals to the universe and slows or stops manifestation.

If they practice gratitude, they bounce from being excited and happy about what they want, to being appreciative and grateful for what they have.  One message communicates to the universe, "This is what I want, send it to me", while the other one communicates, "I appreciate and take care of what I already have."  Both support your manifestation.

Imagine that you are a parent and your kid has a pet dog that he doesn't feed properly and often ignores.  If he says to you, "I want another dog and I know that I haven't been taking care of this one but when I get a second one I promise I will change."  Do you think you would get him another dog?  No way!  He has to be able to handle one before he can even think about getting two. 

The universe is the same way.  Through gratitude you are communicating to the universe, "I can be trusted with more, send away."

Self-Acceptance is basically gratitude focused on yourself.  When you accept yourself just the way you are, you are releasing the barriers to manifestation.  It removes the neediness from your emotions.  Sometimes people put conditions on their happiness such as, "I'll be happy when I lose 10 pounds," or "I'll love myself once I get a girlfriend."  This tells the universe, "I am not happy with myself now."

People often bounce around spiritually here as well; first they will be excited about manifesting better health, but then they will look at themselves right now and are reminded of their sickness and lose hope.  This also sends mixed signals to the universe.

By accepting yourself with all your imperfections, you bounce from being excited about improving yourself, to being grateful for your unique qualities and being happy with yourself exactly as you are at that moment.  Both support your manifestation.

How do we cultivate gratitude and self-acceptance?  For gratitude, see my previous post on Transforming Frustration into Power.  As for self-acceptance, it's probably the hardest for most people and I'm not able to give it all to you in just one paragraph.

For starters you could check out the TAT or EFT and move onto many of the programs in the resources section.   

So remember:

What spiritual investments are you making today?

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6 Responses to “Attention is Your Spiritual Currency”

  1. Liara Covert Says:

    The graphics on this website are exotic and pleasing to the senses. The ideas of cultivating gratitude and acceptance are very uplifting. We each make spiritual investments simply by existing in this world. To move beyond basic existence by raising conscious awareness is the path to reminding us who we really are.

  2. Newton Eguia Says:

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  3. Leanne Says:

    “Think of your thoughts as if they were currency.”

    What wise words. If people could see that their thoughts are their currency, they will be extremely secure in controlling what they think and see, and also be able to do more change in their lives.

    good post!
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  4. Lisa Says:

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  5. Diane Says:

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  6. Paul Says:

    “Self-Acceptance is basically gratitude focused on yourself.”

    Such a strong point but not everyone can achieve this. One must learn to deal with the insecurities in life in order to reach the level of self-acceptance.

    Paul Roberts
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