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Cultivating Male Sexual Energy through Taoist “Alchemy of Man” with Sol Sebastian

November 5th, 2009 by Ryan

One of the most crucial, yet often overlooked aspects of spiritual development for men is the process of cultivating healthy sexual energy.

So often we see spiritual leaders "fall from grace" when it comes to sex.  Whether it's priests getting into altercations with alter boys or gurus taking advantage of their followers, it comes down to the same thing:

How can we, as men, develop powerful yet loving sexual energy?

One of the big reasons this issue with male sexuality is never talked about is the fact that it's so rare to find a man that has really dug deep enough to find the answers.

For men (and women too), it can be very painful to look within at one's own sexuality.  With all the guilt, shame, and frustrations surrounding it, most guys wall off their conscious awareness of it and lend themselves to a diet of porn, strippers, and the occasional drunken one night stand.

This lifestyle, which is reinforced by the media and the typical macho attitude, leads the guy down a path where his energy starts to drop, he begins to experience sexual dysfunction, and little by little his overall quality of life begins to decline…I know because I've been there.

Eventually, after years or even decades of this kind of life, he reaches a point…

A point where he wakes up.

A point where he stops and he says, "Enough.  This is it.  I am not going to live one more second like this.  Today I change.  Today I choose to manage my sexual energy."

In that moment, his entire world shifts.  The energetic charge emitted by his soul changes frequency, and he begins to attract new people into his life; new friends, new teachers, and new women.

If he is especially lucky, he will find himself in the midst of learning from someone who is not only experienced, but that has also integrated both their human nature and spiritual nature into one cohesive blend of power, truth, and love.

Someone like my new friend and acquaintance, Sol Sebastian.

Sol has been teaching men how to cultivate and transform their sexual energy for over 15 years.  He balances both the higher truths about sex, relationships, and women, with the powerful and penetrating masculine energy within the human body.

The best thing about how he teaches is that he doesn't get too hung up on the mental side of things, instead he gets in there and practices. 

He currently offers workshops around the world where he gives men a working blueprint for, not only developing sexual energy, but to also bring that energy up into the higher centers so that the man can experience a true paradigm shift.

To get an idea of what I am talking about, check out some of his videos:

Male Sexual Energy & the Influence of the Media
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How Sexual Energy & Tantra is Taught in the West
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His Reason for Teaching Guys about Sexual Energy
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What Guys Can Expect on the Path of Cultivating Sexual Energy
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I recently had the chance to meet Sol and experience a shortened version of his workshop.  He is a really cool, down to earth guy that knows his stuff.  He doesn't promise quick fixes or cure-all techniques but emphasises practicing for the long term.

In just a couple of hours he taught me and the rest of a small group, some simple and powerful Taoist exercises that increase sexual potency, help release stuck energy, and promote sexual integration within the body and the mind.

I plan on bringing more of his material to Yang Town in the future (maybe an interview or something) so I figured I could give you a little taste of what he is all about so that you might get a few ah-ha's or some inspiration on your path.

Sol's girlfriend also gives workshops for women on how they can cultivate their sexual energy in a similar manner.  Her name is Saida Désilets, and she just finished a powerful and enlightening book called The Sensual Woman.  For women interested in discovering more about their spiritual and sexual nature, visit her website the Desilets Method

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  4. Sean @ reiki course Says:

    Hi there…

    Thanks for the great article and informative Videos! I never knew Reiki had anything to do with Sex! But hey.. there you go!! đŸ™‚

  5. Meme@learnreikihealing Says:

    Interesting stuff to be sure. Of course all spiritual healing or self improvement can generaly be used for all areas of physical and spiritual improvement. So the practicaluty of improving your sexual health or performance is very real. I am concerned however that there is a ‘modern’ phenomenen of introducing sex into every subject simply to gain attention and ultimately sales

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  12. Patricia Merritt Says:

    This is a fantastic resource that all men should read. I am going to pass this on to my wonderful husband, so we can both benefit!

  13. Roz Harris Says:

    @Singing bowl:

    I agree — I love the header, too. I’ve been staring at the detail for a while.

    I also love the layout of the whole site. Classy and creative!

  14. Nate Burnett Says:

    It is great to learn about male sexual energy from, gasp, a male!

    Anyway, I’m glad I came across this post. Love the videos!

  15. Jason Flaherty Says:

    I did experience a couple “a-ha” moments. They were revelations that weren’t even on my radar. I’m a new man.

  16. Warren Kimmel Says:

    I appreciate that men (and women) can experience sexual awakenings. It isn’t necessary to believe that one’s experience has reached its plateau — there is always room to grow.

  17. Timothy Ito Says:

    I loved the first video, addressing the influence of the media. It’s so important as parents to be a filter, and provide positive examples and a healthy atmosphere to their sons.

  18. Ambit Energy Says:

    Thanks for the interesting post.  I’m going to share with my friends and look forward to visiting this site again!

  19. Morris B. Says:


    I know what you mean. It seems like the only men that are knowledgeable about sex are doctors and sex columnists.

  20. Kenny @ Maxercise Says:

    I have growing in the thought process of energy and this is a topic I am definitely going to do more research on. Thanks

  21. Kay Says:

    I like this guy. Usually, when dudes talk about sex, it makes you want to take a shower. This guy makes you want to get dirty.

  22. Bryce Says:

    This is a really an interesting article. We humans differ greatly in the amount of sexual energy that we have from person to person. Some people have a lot and have had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that they want to orgasm a few times a day. So, some people say “hey, it’s easy man, just do this.” They don’t understand that it’s just not that easy for some of us. Denying yourself sexual release is not the way forward. It’s like holding back a river. Soon enough it will take over you and you’ll go crazy when you do release. It will also make your mind and body do silly things if you deny yourself.

  23. George Says:

    @ Timothy Ito:
    I agree, being parents means filtering what the children see and hear. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to watch what our children are doing because of all of the different ways they can access different things.

  24. Chase Says:

    I have sent a link to this post to a couple of friends who could use this information. Admittedly, it’s a weird topic for guys to discuss amongst themselves, but it never hurts to share good ideas.

  25. Chris Says:

    It’s not exactly the most fun of topics to talk to my friends about, but if everyone is willing then it might be good to get their ideas. Might have to happen a couple beers in though. lol

  26. Steve Says:

    Great stuff, seems very interesting and I would love to learn more about this. Where can I find his work-shops?

  27. Ursula Says:

    I agree with Penny. I’ve been admiring it ever since I discovered your site a couple of months ago. Did you commission an artist to create it?

  28. MLM Training Says:

    I also agree with you.

    The topic here on the blog is so relevant and so important, but I feel it often goes unnoticed or ill-discussed by most men. Thanks for sharing and bringing some light (and life) to this important topic.

  29. Kerry Enser Says:

    “The best thing about how he teaches is that he doesn’t get too hung up on the mental side of things, instead he gets in there and practices. ”

    That’s practically the problem in a nutshell. Isn’t it amazing how poorly men (and women) will perform, if they even attempt to perform, when they have a lack of confidence or a negative attitude? Mind, body, spirit — all connected…

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