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We live in an information age. Never before has there been such an abundance of information, much of which is free. The next step is filtering down that information so that we can invest less mental energy and get more life-empowering results.

Over the years I have read, listened to, and watched hundreds of personal development books, audio programs, and videos. Below I’d like to share with you only the ones that have had the most powerful impact on my own personal life.

Find the ones that resonate with you.

My Mentors

Attracting Abundance and Happiness

Abraham Hicks and the Law of attractionThe Teachings of Abraham. I consider Abraham to be the best source of wisdom on any topic in my own life. Abraham’s words always bring clarity, relief, and energy to my mental process. Abraham is a group of non-physical beings who speak through Esther Hicks.

Their teachings specialize in the areas of abundance, relationships, and emotional well-being. All of their teachings are based on the three laws of the universe: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation, and The Law of Allowing.

Spiritual Enlightenment

David Hawkins Spiritual TeacherDavid Hawkins. If you are looking for a practical and almost scientific approach to spirituality, then look no further than David Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins is regarded by many as a modern sage and his material lays the mental foundation to serve as a pathway to enlightenment.

Dr. Hawkins himself was a practicing psychiatrist for 35 years, religious growing up and then a devout atheist for many years, and now a teacher on the nature of consciousness and what many people regard as God or universal energy.

He has developed a way to measure truth through kinesiology muscle testing and his map of consciousness. I have only recently started working with his ideas yet much of his influence can be seen in this blog.

If you want a thorough understanding of things like karma, ego, enlightenment, God, healing through spirituality then check out his material.  His material is very advanced, so if you are new to spirituality then you might want to save his stuff for later.

Powerful Programs

Abraham Basics on The Law of Attraction. This is the program that turned me on to the Teachings of Abraham. It builds the foundation for all of their teachings.Abraham Hicks and the Law of attraction

It goes into depth about how the Law of Attraction works, where action fits in, how absolutely crucial emotions are, and how to cultivate an attitude that trains your mind to think thoughts that will help you rather than hinder you.

It also goes into how to consciously use the Law of Attraction in your daily life through Deliberate Creation by dividing up your day with small sets of intentions and by creating a daily mental workshop. It also goes into the Law of Allowing and why most of our work in this age is with this law.

The Law of Allowing is the toughest for most people to get because it is the most counter-intuitive. This law of allowing has helped me to let go of sympathy and replace it with empathy. It’s also helped me let go of a tremendous amount of mental stress about things such as all the negative news of wars, crimes, and tragedies and replace it with an honor for what each person is choosing to experience in each situation. I highly recommend this one.

The Law of Attraction In Action Episode II. In this video, Abraham talks with a live audience answering some of the toughest questions around such as:

law of attraction in action episode 2How to handle family members who you don’t get along with, Is it important to “protect” yourself from dark energies, How to handle being in corporate America, How should a mother handle the current war situation, Where do murder victims fit in with the law of attraction, and many more.

I’ve watched dozens of different recorded workshops by Abraham and this one is definitely the best.

This set contains one section in which Abraham describes the essence of non-reactive emotional strength and how to keep your own emotional state exactly how you want it no matter who comes into the picture.

It’s really one of the best and most clearly verbalized explanation of being the masculine “Oak Tree” that I’ve found.  Abraham walks you step by step through the though process starting at reactive anger and resentment and transforming that into loving strength.

Ground Breaking Books

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – This book is a classic.  It’s a must read for any spiritual truth seeker, especially beginners.

The Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman

Author Dan Millman transforms his real life story into a fictional narrative about his path from the anguishing traps of the ego to the joyful freedom of presence.

He first stumbles upon his mentor, Socrates, at an all-night gas station. At the time, Millman hopes to become a world-champion gymnast. “To survive the lessons ahead, you’re going to need far more energy than ever before,” Socrates warns him, “You must cleanse your body of tension, free your mind of stagnant knowledge, and open your heart to the energy of true emotion.”

From there, the unpredictable Socrates proceeds to teach Millman the “way of the peaceful warrior.”

Power of Now – This book is a great next step in adopting a new, spiritual attitude to daily life.  Eckhart Tolle drives home the notion of presence and how all forms of suffering fall away when we tap into the present moment.

When I first read this book, I found it very challenging to my current beliefs and attitudes.  I was very, very future focused and stuck in my mind, so to speak.

I just could not grasp why the present moment was so important when we had…the future. I believed I was right yet I also happened to be suffering in most areas of my life so I figured perhaps I at least consider this new notion of presence.

Fast forward a couple years and I’ve come to realize how right he was.  I’ve realized that suffering is illusion, created by the mind’s assumptions and positions.  The way out of suffering is through letting go of the ego and awakening to life’s inherent and ever-present joy.

Revive Your Sex Drive – I’ve got to include my own book right 😉  Revive Your Sex Drive for Men

Really though, this book is a concise and practical guide for men to not only regain healthy sexual drives but also as an introduction into many spiritual concepts such as meditations, chakras, and energy.

The most powerful part of this book are the attitudes and beliefs inherent in it.  Simply being exposed to new paradigms such as these can greatly improve the way you interact with women and help to see things such as porn and pick up in a whole new light.

Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine – As you come further along the spiritual path you will begin to open the right side of your brain and begin to experience intense new sensations.

This book is the perfect next step as it gives you a working blueprint for understanding the energy systems in your body including the chakras, meridians, the aura and more.

It also provides about a hundred simple energetic exercises ranging from getting rid of a cold to focusing your mind for intense studying. -Very useful.

Power vs Force – This is Dr. Hawkins’ first book which maps out the different levels of consciousness on a scale of 1-1000.  It’s almost like a scientific approach to understanding spiritual phenomena.

He explains the difference between power and force and why most of the modern world is stuck in the energetically draining force.  He describes qualities of power and how it is self-sustaining and infinitly energized.

He goes on to describe how he uses kinesiology muscle testing to determine the truth of any statement and how you can begin to use it in your life.  The book itself is fairly hard to read, especially the first couple chapters.  If you have a hard time understanding it, then it’s probably best to come back to it after you’ve come to better spiritual understandings from other teachers.

biology of beliefBruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief: “It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts.

Using simple language, illustrations, humor, and everyday examples, he demonstrates how the new science of Epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species.”

Inspirational Music

Robert Gass – Robert Gass has created numerous chanting and spiritually inspired songs along with his 30-person group On Wings of Song.  Together, they have created updated versions of sacred songs from traditions around the world. Robert Gass Enchanted The Best of

It’s truly amazing to hear so many voices perfectly synchronized into seemingly one voice often in the form of trance inducing chants.  The sounds are awe-inspiring.  Beauty and perfection at this level can reach right into your soul and touch you on a deep level.

The first time I heard the song Kyrie, I was moved so profoundly that I spontaneously went into a heightened state of consciousness and completely broke down in utter love and appreciation.

Mantras In Motion – This album is a collection of various artists, each with a distinct yogic or new age style.  It’s like a mix of chill out electronic mantras and relaxing songs with effects such as flowing water, Tibetan singing bowels, and other strange Eastern instruments.  I couldn’t find a link to it on amazon but you can find it on iTunes.

Adiemus – This new age group blends elements of classical, opera and even tribal music to create songs that seem to uplift the spirit and energize the body.  There are no “real” lyrics; all the words are made up from a language invented by composer Karl Jenkins.

Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary Spiritual music

In his words, “The text was written phonetically with the words viewed as instrumental sound, the idea being to maximise the melisma (an expressive vocal phrase) by removing the distraction, if one can call it that, of words”.

There is really nothing like it but they’ve often been compared to Enya, Enigma, Dead Can Dance, and Deep Forest.  I’ve only recently found their album Songs of Sanctuary yet I’m really digging it.  Highly recommended.

I’ll be adding more as I find them so check back here every once in a while.  Feel free to add any comments with your thoughts on any of these programs or mentors.

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  1. Mission PUA Says:

    Thanks for sharing your resources, there’s enough information here to keep me busy for awhile.

    Mission PUA’s last blog post..Old Town’s Sun On The Beach

  2. bigsend Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I am thinking of buying the Abraham Basics product. It says $23 for the starter kit, but its not very clear. Does the kit come with all 5 CDs? It seems to imply that.

    The reason I am confused is each CD individually costs $15. So 5×15 is $75 yet if you buy them all together its $23.

    Which ones did you order?

    Thanks man

    bigsend’s last blog post..I Believe – An Affirmation Booster

  3. Ryan Says:

    Cool man, yeah the starter kit for $23 should include all 5 cds.

  4. Carlos Says:

    Awesomness Ryan!

    Loving this page!

  5. Tuplad Says:

    😀 yeah yeah!

    Tuplad’s last blog post..Re: Laatst gekochte / gehuurde film?

  6. Bart Says:

    I really like your collection – out of curiosity what kind stuff do you do for your own physical fitness? Any books/methods you govern your nutrition and exercise by?

    Bart’s last blog post..How Successful People Win by Ben Stein

  7. Ryan Says:

    Hey Bart, thanks man. As far as physical fitness, I’ve been all over the place with that. I used to lift heavily with a buddy but I found my body didnt like building that much muscle, it felt like a drain of energy rather than building. My main focus has been on internal strength such as immune system, organ function, hormone system, nervous system first and foremost. The outter fitness is not a big priority for me at the moment.

    I did the raw vegan diet for a while and now I am looking into toaist herbal recipes and gi gong exercises. As far as nutrition, I eat a ton of mung bean soup but I pretty much eat anything now that I have been improving my energy so much. Im a big fan of sushi too.

    As for sports I play a lot of softball and baseball, and occasionally basketball or surfing. I suspect soon I will focus back on the physical area and get back into the gym.

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  10. Siegfrid Says:

    I’d strongly suggest you try Taichi and Qigong as physical training.

    You will certainly feel the energy.

    Btw, Taichi comes from Taoist thoughts.

    Like my master said. Taichi is a philosophy.


  11. Alex Says:

    I woud also highly recommend The Sedona Method to everyone.

    All the best

  12. jack parler Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I really need this 🙂

  13. David Says:

    I am familiar with most of the groupings mentioned above. I am spiritual and empathic. I just downloaded your “Revive Your Sex Drive.” I am also a gay male and wonder how this applies to me? Will the exercises help me regardless of my attraction? I have not read yet, but listened to the MP3. Any input appreciated.

  14. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    Hi Ryan!

    Thank you for the link and the mention!

    I’m sharing a question with you that I am sharing with many of us. In particular it questions what has been written so far by the majority of us about The Law of Attraction.

    How did We attract what’s going on in the world now?

    The reason I ask…is because when I started studying the law, I started by finding out how I had attracted what I HAD, already. BEFORE I tried to attract something different.

    If my computer isn’t running well, downloading and installing a new program isn’t going to clean up my mess. I need to find what programs running are making the mess in the first place.

    I ~know~ the answer to the question I asked. It lies deep in our subconscious and most of what has been written, works from our conscious. It is not our conscious mind that activates the power of the Law of Attraction. It is our subconscious mind that is doing it.

  15. Ivan Dyn Says:

    Thanks for adding my website to your links !:)

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