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How to Release Emotional Baggage and Break Through Limiting Beliefs By Listening to Holosync Once a Day

July 27th, 2009 by Ryan

So many personal development programs promise instant results, effortless changes, and huge personal shifts as a result of using their programs.

Our culture, as a whole, tends to value the “quick fix” – even in industries as “evolved” as the spiritual or personal development space.

A big part of it is likely linked to an almost instinctual need for instant gratification; it feels so comforting and relieving.

In my experience using various self-help programs, the results often do come but rarely as quickly as promised, and rarely in the form I had originally hoped for.

I think a big part of this challenge of trying to change (but having the results come slower than we hope), is due to the fact that many people put all their emphasis on changing the personality rather than evolving their spirit.

The irony, of course, is that the changes that do occur on the level of the personality are temporary at best and often unfulfilling.

The changes that occur on the deeper level of spirit, that of our soul, come about more subtly and are often overlooked, yet are everlasting and much more fulfilling.

The wisest of personal development “gurus” out there have figured out how to sell us on the level of the personality, yet deliver on the level of the spirit – where the real changes take place.

One such example is Bill Harris’ Holosync Solution.

Bill Harris PhotoBill Harris, who was featured in the film The Secret, stumbled upon a certain audio technology, several decades ago, that enabled him to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain… automatically.

You may be wondering, “What exactly does that accomplish?”

Well, as you know, we have both a left and a right hemisphere in our brain.  In right-handed people, the left side is the logical, analytical, time-oriented thinking part of the brain while the right side is the creative, in-the-now, feeling part of the brain (in left handed people the sides are the opposite).

For the vast majority of people, in any given moment, one side is dominant over the other.  In fact, to the degree that one side is dominating the other, we will experience stress, anxiety, anger or any other negative emotions.

In those rarer moments when we are able to achieve left and right hemisphere synchronization, we experience peace, relaxation, clarity and other positive feelings.

Traditionally, this type of brain hemisphere synchronization has been available in those moments of “flow” or “being in the zone” in which we focus intently on the task at hand; a task in which our capacity meets our challenge resulting in our full engagement in that activity.

This can be seen in sports, performances, meditation and other similar activities.

People usually describe this experience by saying “the personal me disappeared and I was absorbed in the moment” or “I had no thoughts, everything just happened on its own.”

To even taste this experience once, a person can be inspired to devote their entire life to a sport, career, or practice in the hopes of reconnecting with this state; this source of mind-less-ness.

So when someone like Bill Harris comes along and says that, not only can you access this type of state at will through technology, but that doing so will actually clear out all kinds of mental, emotional, and even physical junk from within, it seems to warrant a deeper look.

The way Holosync technology accomplishes brain hemisphere synchronization is through the use of specific audio tones going through stereo headphones.

As a soundtrack plays relaxing music and nature sounds, inaudible tones are simultaneously being played in the background. Each ear receives a tone of a slightly different frequency.

The brain, in an effort to balance these two frequencies, synchronizes the left and the right hemispheres.

Whereas, without this technology, a person could only achieve this type of synchronization through intense focus (and years of training).

In fact, this technology can instantly entrain the brain to the same degree (or better) than a monk who has spent over 10 years practicing meditation (according to the brain scanning tests they have performed at Centerpointe Research Center).

One of the nice side effects of achieving this hemisphere synchronization is that the brain begins to release a whole flood of good-feeling biochemicals such as endorphins and serotonin, while simultaneously reducing the release of harmful ones like adrenaline and cortisol (which are useful to us only in situations of extreme danger).

Many of us live in a constant state of stress – with all the work we have to do, all the bad news that we are bombarded with, and all the inner personal challenges, it’s very easy to get caught in a negative cycle of fight or flight in which our good hormones are depleted and our energy is totally drained.

Holosync actually re-trains your body’s nervous system to be stronger when faced with the “stresses” of modern life.

The other nice (and powerful) side effect of Holosync is it’s ability to go into the depths of our psyche and bring to the surface all the issues and emotions that we have avoided, repressed, or ignored.

This is why Bill says that everyone’s experience using Holosync will be entirely unique to that person – because what comes to the surface after using it depends on what is within you.

When Bill first discovered this technology, by his own account, he went a little overboard; listening to the audio 6-8 hours a day or more.

At first, he was literally “blissed out” all day, high as a kite off his own natural biochemicals…that is, until the next week when all the inner issues came flooding to the surface.

He started getting bad diarrhea, vomiting, feeling on edge, having old memories and emotions arise, and more.

Through this experience, and through the testing of thousands of Holosync users over the next 10 years or so, he was able to create a schedule of how long a person should use each level of Holosync so that this process of personal evolution would be as smooth as possible.

This way, you can enjoy the nice feeling emotions while minimizing the stress from releasing all the inner “junk”.

I have to admit, when I first heard about this program, I wasn’t that impressed.  I mean, I’ve heard about this “brain technology” stuff before and have even tried a few out without much in terms of results.

On the Centerpointe site, though, I noticed they offered a free demo, so I figured “what the heck, might as well give it a try.”

Centerpointe Holosync Free Demo

When I finally did try out that demo with the Holosync going behind the sound of relaxing rain  and clanging tibetin singing bowls, man, within 20 minutes I was knocked out of this world and into another state of consciousness.

I really felt like this was something to take a deeper look at.  After a couple months of going back and forth on it, (since it’s a bit pricey), I finally gave in and bought it back in January of this year.

Within a few weeks of using it, I was so blown away with how deep of a state it kept putting me in, I started my whole family on it.

As I began using it, I felt clearer than I have in years.  I would take walks where I would have this sense of deep awareness and a feeling of being “high on life”, almost as if I was on a drug.

Also, during this time my dreams became crazy and very intense, as if I was releasing some deep psychological stuff (this actually continues to happen as I keep using it).

Of course, within a couple months I did have a few episodes where it felt as though my nervous system was completely fried from the power of this thing.

Holosync actually stresses the nervous system in much the same way that lifting weights stresses the muscles.

After our body is pushed just slightly beyond its limit, it breaks down and then builds up again but stronger.

So each time I reached a new threshold, I felt psychologically stressed, but I knew that my nervous system was rebuilding itself stronger than before.

During those times when I was releasing, I had to take it easy with myself, do less work, and reduce my interaction with others for a few days, then it was back to the normal routine of feeling good for most of the day.

So far, I can definitely say that it’s contributed to a higher quality of life and it’s another one of my tools for empowerment alongside the others mentioned on this site.

The Holosync Solution is actually divided up into over a dozen or so levels, each one taking between 6 months and 2 years, (of listening to it everyday), to complete.

I think it will take something like 13 years to finish the whole thing, which actually many people end up doing because they like it so much.

Looking back, the introductory “Awakening Prologue” program is a pretty good value at $179 or so because Bill throws in a bunch of added bonuses during the first 6 months of using it.

To start, there is the main program which consists of 2 tracks (called the Dive and Immersion) which total an hour in length.  These two tracks you listen to once a day to bring about all the changes we talked about.

Review of the Holosync Solution by Bill HarissIncluded with that are 2 bonus tracks, one for creativity and problem solving (called Oasis), and another that will help you focus when you are doing some activity like reading (called Quietude).

Then there are a couple other soundtracks, one that using silent affirmations to program your mind for longevity and health (called Super Longevity), and another one that helps you let go of resistance and inner stress (called Making Change Easy, which comes later).

Also included (but sent to you later) is the book Thresholds of the Mind by Bill Harris, which covers the various principles of personal evolution, as well as the concepts of how the ego is constructed (he calls it your internal map of reality) and how Holosync systematically breaks it down through the brain hemisphere synchronization process.

Lastly,  he sends (within a month or so) you a full 6 cd copy of one of his retreat seminars in which he fields lots of questions from users of Holosync and also goes more in depth into the 9 principles of growth that he introduced in his book.

This program, even by itself, is quite useful for understanding the spiritual path since it lays out how to accelerate your progress by training your mind to be more allowing, rather than resisting, of the new changes that come about.

Overall, I would say that this is definitely the most powerful and consistent ways to speed up your own personal and spiritual growth since the actual “what to do” work is done for you by the audio technology.

The important part that is up to you is, “how are you going to handle it when you start to change rapidly?”  That is the key where your own willingness and spiritual power comes into play.

Energetically speaking, it feels like this program is altering your brain in such a way that more energy or “chi” starts to flow into you, thereby accelerating the changes that were already happening for you (so whatever you are working on will manifest faster including the challenges that you have to go through).

Bill describes this process as more energy going through your “nadis” or “meridians” which in turn clears out all kinds of “karmic goop”, and also that because this process of releasing is stressful (in a good way) to the body, the brain releases all those good feeling biochemicals so that you feel good going through it.

Bottom line is, if you have the money, I would recommend getting it and seeing for yourself how it works for you.   I have been thoroughly impressed with Centerpointe as a company also.

At the very least, I would give the free demo a try and see how it feels and if it resonates with you.  Click Here to try or visit

[Also, if you do end up using Holosync and decide to copy it to your mp3 player, be sure that you copy it using the right settings otherwise the mp3 compression process will cut out much of the Holosync technology and it won’t work right (or feel right).

The correct formats are Uncompressed Wave and AIFF only.  All other formats, including Apple lossless, Flac, and mp3 will cause the audio to lose some of the technology. ]

If you are a current Holosync user, feel free to rate it below and share your experiences with using it.

***Update  March 6th, 2010***
So I’ve been using holosync for the better part of a year now and I can say that it does have some powerful benefits and the program can really improve your life through strengthening your nervous system and improving your threshold for stress.

While the program itself seems to be very valuable, the business behind it does have a few “issues” that I will bring up so you have more information at your disposal.

For one, while the support that Bill Harris provides is quite extensive and very useful as a person goes through holosync, the sales pitches that come with it are also quite extensive (both through email and regular mail).  Most of them are offers to what seems to be good self-development program but it seems to be a little much.

Secondly, the cost for the program is relatively high which isn’t too big of an issue but the fact that they continually try to push to buy the entire program for several thousand dollars all at once can get a little annoying.  I would recommend that a person buy one level at a time, that way they don’t feel over committed if they decide to stop using the system at any time.

Third, intuitively, the whole operation seems to have a “hungry” feel to it, as if there is a sort of solar plexus pull for more.  While no one is perfect, there were several things that raised my attention.  When I called to order one of the soundtrack sets over the phone, the customer service guy who took my call wasn’t particularly friendly and I thought, “hmm, that’s kind of strange”.

While it’s not a big deal, it may represent the kind of culture there but who knows, maybe the guy was just a bit stressed out that day.  Then again, there has been a lot of online drama between Bill Harris and various bloggers that I won’t go into here.

Lastly, there are some alternatives to holosync, including the open source Gnaural and some articles on using these types of programs to create the same type of program yourself.

If you don’t the time to go into learning the free stuff and just want a good product that is already finished, I still recommend checking out Holosync since while the business may not be perfect (as no business is), the program can be quite powerful for changing your life for the better.

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47 Responses to “How to Release Emotional Baggage and Break Through Limiting Beliefs By Listening to Holosync Once a Day”

  1. Ariel Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Ryan. I’ve put in my request for a free CD sample and am looking forward to checking it out for myself.

    By the way, is there a way to not rate the product if we have yet to try it?

  2. Jax Says:

    I’ll be sure to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    On a different note, do you still recommend stuff by Stephane Hemon?

  3. Ryan Says:

    Glad to hear it Ariel, yeah as far as the rating thing a 5 is considered a neutral rating if you haven’t used it. I think I can strip out the ratings if I edit the comment.

    Jax, cool man, yeah its a great product. As for Stephane’s stuff, me and him have parted ways, I wish him the best but we simply seem to be going in different directions now. I outgrew his old products (and so did he, since he no longer sells them) and I don’t resonate with his new products though some guys may still resonate with them.

    While I’m posting this, I might as well give my rating for Holosync as well, 9. It’s a very potent product, and within the past 6 months I have experienced some profound changes and experiences through it; especially with the second level Awakening Level I which is a huge notch up from the Awakening Prologue.

  4. Almog Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I keep going back to your blog because of posts like this… Actually I found holosync because of previous links that you had here before you wrote this posts. (Side toolbar etc).

    I’ve been using the awakening prologue for the last week. I can’t say I’ve been blissed out everytime – it’s more 50-50 (which Harris says is OK, actually some people feel nothing which I think you should off mentioned). Either way, what matters isn’t the experience of the meditation itself but the results in yoru life. For me it’s been a very freakin’ productive week after heaps of procrastination-y days. And I attribute a lot of it to doing holosync + EFT.

    Thanks for keeping such a great blog Ryan.

    I was thinking that perhaps it’d be a good idea if you summarized all of the methods you use for releasing and compared them. I know that I’ve been planning to do it myself as I’ve tested so many (EFT, Vipassana, TAT, inner child therapy, NLP clashing, affirmations, sentence completion work from Nathaniel Branden etc).

    Thanks again.

  5. Almog Says:

    Whoops looking back some of those I mentioned aren’t releasing methods (affirmations, self esteem sentence completion, visualizations) – but yeah a summary post would be great for newbies.

    For example – I found some methods (holosync, breathwork, vipassana) deal with the absolute first thing that comes to the surface. Some others (Sedona, inner child therapy, EFT, radical honesty work) you have some sort of dialogue with the subconscious in whatever metaphoric form it has and can decide which direction to go with releasing…

    And there are differences in the strength of releasing as well.

    Shoot me an email if you’re interested in a dialogue 🙂 – I think you should be able to see my address?


  6. james Says:

    I have received their demo about a couple years back. It was the one with bell sounds. Really relaxing and certainly very much expertly crafted because the bell sounds were so placed and modulated that any excess would have caused some form of dizzines, as I am really sensitive to that. Thing with Holosync however is the price. Seemed a tad to high, and you are faced with the prospect of paying more because there are several more stages after the first sets you get.

    Perhaps, it’s worth the money, but for now, I’m sticking to traditional forms of meditation.

  7. Marty Says:

    I have both of their demos – the one with the bells and the one with the rain. The second track is quickly becoming my goto for nightly meditation. I think I’m going to check out the rest of the set. Thanks!

  8. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    Hi Ryan! Over 30 years ago, I was ‘diagnosed’ as a member of the 1/2 of 1% of our population born with both hemispheres of my brain dominant and fully functioning. Neither “A” nor “B”, but BOTH.

    Meaning no disrespect for what has been shared by many, but ‘men’ have a harder time accessing heightened states, though they tend to make a big deal of what little they do access. This is ALL due to our cultural influences and the traditional ‘male’ roles.

    I would not recommend trying any kind of mental activity or visualizations at this time. These kinds of activities are now obsolete. The paradigm has shifted…already.

    What I would recommend is to simply BREATHE. That’s it and that all. Just breathe and focus on that breathing. The rest will take care of itself, working from within another dimension. The more we try to control our lives from this level of awareness, the more our desires will be blocked and the more energy depleted our lives will become.

    The door to super-consciousness is through our subconscious and cannot be access through our mental levels.

  9. Carol Says:

    I LOVE holosync and highly recommend it for anyone to reduce stress – I don’t use it as much as I used to, but I think it’s a great product. I still use it whenever I can’t sleep.

  10. Simon Wilby Says:

    Looks like a good stuff Ryan. I gave this one an 8 rating. Will take my time to check it or maybe try it ASAP.

  11. Mila Says:

    I have both of their demos – the one with the bells and the one with the rain. The second track is quickly becoming my goto for nightly meditation. I think I’m going to check out the rest of the set. Thanks!

  12. imarnold Says:

    I started using Holosync recordings in 2007 when I was laid off (after 25 years). My thoughts always dwelled on the negative aspects of my life/career. The daily listening sessions have changed my whole outlook on life, enabling me to appreciate each day, living for the moment. I have completed 5 awakening levels (0-4) and just ordered the first set of the flowering series. There are 4 disks in each level. The CDs are a bit expensive but I think they are worth every cent.

  13. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    You’ve brought to light an excellent point Matt. One a lot of us aren’t aware of and do not recognize.

    ANY system of teaching that ties and binds anyone in order to continue to receive their “knowledge” is dubious at best.

    Knowledge is not wisdom.

    A genuine teacher of Wisdom directs us back to ourselves and does not establish any dependency patterns.

    In order to avoid being sheared like sheep, become a goat.

  14. Matt Says:

    I’ve been using holosync for about 3 years (did the prologue, + first 2 levels). I’ve come to the conclusion that holosync is egregiously overpriced and over-marketed. This is not to say that binaural beats can’t induce states of meditation, or that I haven’t gotten anything from using the program. In fact, I quite enjoy it and I have every intention of continuing to meditate this way.
    My problem is paying $200+ a level for something that I can literally make for myself on the computer using a variety of free software available on the internet. I don’t feel like the “Centerpointe Research Institute” and Bill Harris really bring anything to the table that would justify the outrageous prices they are charging.
    The easiest free alternative one I saw was called Gnaural, (installs on Windows/Mac/Linux). There’s also a more versatile program called Pure Data (which is what I use), but the learning curve is much higher for that one. I had just paid for holosync level three when I looked into other alternatives. It took me about 10 minutes to create a patch in PD that can induce binaural beats of any frequency and can lower the carrier frequency as desired. In Gnaural, you don’t even have to create the patch, its all done for you. For someone who has average computer skills, it would probably take about 30 minutes to get used to how Gnaural works.
    Having realized that it is entirely possible to get the same result as holosync for free, I phoned them to cancel my order for level 3 (they were waiting for me to send them a recording of different affirmations; no discs were burned). I was informed by the manager that it’s their policy to never give any refunds, regardless of the fact that the product hadn’t even been burned yet. Am I alone here, or is something not right about this? Haha, we’ve got your money and there’s nothing you can do about it… that’s what I heard anyway. Hence my motivation for writing this review; I normally brush off companies that I think are unfair, but this is just obscene.
    If there is anyone currently using holosync that tends to disagree, make sure you give Gnaural or any of the other free programs a try before forking over more cash to this marketing company. If anyone (or the company itself) wants to defend holosync’s honor, then answer these questions:
    If I can easily generate binaural beats with free software, then why am I paying $200+ per level with holosync?
    Even if I wasn’t able to produce the same effect for free, how can that price be justified for something so cheap to produce?
    These comments are solely my own opinions. I’m a person who has been using holosync for years and I was definitely angry with myself when I figured out how much money I wasted. Take it or leave it.

  15. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    Smiling & Waving Ryan!

    My comment had to do with the marketing technique, which tries to tie future progress and access to its product. Like you are suggesting, go someplace else to buy it or make it yourself using software but avoid organizations that require continuing to come back.

  16. Ryan Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the thorough review and for letting us know about the alternatives to holosync. I have also noticed too that they seem to be a little “Money Hungry”, especially since they are quite pushy when it comes to buying the rest of the levels in bulk. I would recommend buying the first level and then buying each level one-at-a-time so that you can stop anytime that you like without feeling overly invested in the program.

    However, as any good businessman will tell you, the price of something is not based on what it COSTS but the VALUE it brings to the customer. For example, what if you found some miracle cure for cancer that suddenly came to you, and you wrote out the genetic code for a medicine in a few lines of text then printed it out. Would you sell it for a few cents because that is all the paper cost you? The price of a good product is based on the benefits that it gives to the person using it.

    Granted, this can vary greatly per individual. For some of us that are more technically savvy, like yourself, making it via those free software programs would be a practical alternative. Though for the average person, they don’t want to mess with that stuff, they just want a quick fix. Also, when buying any product or service, there is also the invisible energy field of the teacher/owner that provides hidden benefits beyond the physical function of the product. Also, there is a tremendous amount of support for the holosync program that comes with it, which itself is very valuable for the person going through it.

    If you compare the benefits of holosync to traditional psychotherapy (which runs at $150/hour and up), a couple hundred dollars every year or 2 for this program is actually quite reasonable.

    As for the programs you suggested, they sound like a great solution and I’m going to look more in depth as far as using them. To have the possibility of creating a program similar to holosync is pretty freakin sweet! Thanks man, I really appreciate the info.

  17. Ryan Says:

    Hi Sue Ann, thanks for the comments. As for the first comment, I agree with you as breathing can be a powerful means of transforming consciousness in the body. I am still learning to use it consistently with myself.

    Though I don’t quite understand why you wouldn’t recommend holosync. The program isn’t about visualization at all, in fact, it is directed specifically at transforming a person’s subconscious through specific brain wave frequencies.

    For the average person who is looking for an automatic solution, I think this is a great product. Of course, those that are more advanced can access this types of states of awareness quite easily and regularly, making this program unnecessary.

  18. Ryan Says:

    Hey Almog, thanks for the good feedback and I’m happy to hear that some of these techniques are working for you. That’s a great idea about summarizing all the techniques onto a starter page or something. I’ll have to play with that idea a little more and see what comes out of it. Thanks!

  19. imarnold Says:

    Hey Matt, I think part of the cost for Holosync is attributed to research and development of the entire program. Don’t know exactly what goes into producing the CDs but I’ve never perceived Bill Harris as a money hungry capitalist. Value is determined by individual utility, not necessarily the cost of bringing a product to market. I have saved much more then the cost of the CDs since they helped me stop smoking, drinking and using recreational drugs.

    Regarding your experience with “Gnaural” and “pure data” binaural beat generators, How do your determine which carrier frequency to use? RSVP ==>

  20. Ryan Says:

    Sue Ann, oh gotcha, yeah that makes a lot of sense. Well said Imarnold, I second that question about the carrier frequency as well.

  21. Bruce Says:

    Smiling & Waving Ryan!

    My comment had to do with the marketing technique, which tries to tie future progress and access to its product. Like you are suggesting, go someplace else to buy it or make it yourself using software but avoid organizations that require continuing to come back.Rate This Product: 1

  22. Jake Says:


    Very nice article!
    The cool thing is that there are now many choices if you want a meditation program equally effective to Holosync. LifeFlow seems to be the best well known option that has most users and the price is alot better. Then there is a new thing called YogicSound that is different and feels very fresh and new with some new technology in it.
    They all have free demos so my advice is to get the demo from each one and try out which one works best for you.

  23. Tv Serials Says:

    This is a very good idea! Just want to say thank you for the information, you have to share.

  24. Arnold Says:

    On my fourth year of using Holosync (Purification Level 3) and have no regrets. I am fortunate to have the means to purchase each level but if I couldn’t afford the program I would not experiment with the free tone generators to accomplish what Holosyc does. Not knowing what goes into producing each personalized program and Bill’s years of research, he’s entitled to charge what the market will bear.

  25. Warren Kimmel Says:

    Based on your description, I would love to try this product. I love the idea of “being in the zone”… I do know what the feels like, and I’d love to be able to hone it.

  26. Scott Says:

    It takes 13 years to finish the program? Wow, I hope you see results sooner than that!

  27. Domingo Says:

    thanks for posting.. It was an interesting read

  28. Valerie Says:

    Thanks for the link to the demo — looking forward to trying it out.

  29. debbiep Says:

    While skeptikal I have requested a sample cd. thanks for sharing all this info, i am curious and hope to be transformed!!!

  30. Avery K. Says:

    Just reading the description of the product made me feel more relaxed. I’m definitely interested in this…

  31. Mark Says:

    sounds like a great program.. I’ll think about giving it a try

  32. Michael Says:

    Great program it was relaxing just thinking about it.. I’ll add it to my to do list

  33. Bill W. Says:

    I remember seeing Bill in “The Secret”. I’m very intrigued by this concept, and I look forward to trying it out.

  34. Personal Injury Lawyer Says:

    I was just in a spiritual store looking for meditation music, but this sounds like a completely original way of finding peace. Very interested!

  35. Christine Arkin Says:

    Can this product be dangerous in any way? Have there been any tests whether this alters or affects the brain long term?

  36. Star Tv Forum Says:


    Very nice article!
    The cool thing is that there are now many choices if you want a meditation program equally effective to Holosync. LifeFlow seems to be the best well known option that has most users and the price is alot better. Then there is a new thing called YogicSound that is different and feels very fresh and new with some new technology in it.

  37. Desi Tv Tube Says:

    Great Post Thankx For Sharing

  38. IMARNOLD Says:

    “Star TV Forum” How can you possibly claim “LifeFlow is the best well known option that has most users..” I have used Holosync for over four years and have never head of LIFeflow.

  39. Stink Bug Says:

    Yeah, I agree. You always think it won’t take as long as it really does. But these techniques can help make it much less difficult than it would normally.

  40. Joe Smith Says:

    There are people who are wondering if holosync is safe. I would reply no. Don’t use it, I tried it for a year and it messed me up. I am not talking about the overwhelm, I didn’t have a problem with that. What I did have a problem was with difficulty with remembering things. I was only in my early 20s when I started using it. It also cause me to have what I described as electromagnetic spikes sensation in my brain, I am fully conscious of them, I guess some would call it seizure activity. I used everything as directed by centerpoints. Here is my blog post:

    I only wrote this to warn people to some of the harmful side effects.

  41. Kerry Enser Says:

    Initially, reading this post had me very intrigued. I am always interested in scientific ways of reaching a more relaxed state.

    However, upon reading the feedback in the comments, including Joe Smith’s latest response, I feel quite apprehensive now.

  42. aaron williams Says:

    Holosync is a new idea that I learned tonight. I have to agree that releasing emotional baggage is tough to do. Breaking through limiting beliefs is also tough. With the holosync, these may be more manageable.

  43. Tom Says:

    my colleagues shared your blog with me.. It is interesting and fun to read

  44. Jennyb Says:

    Great for me that I found your Blog… I just started with my own Blog, can I reference to this post? I want to write something on similiar topic!

  45. Eric Says:

    Unfortunately Holosync is EXPENSIVE. Someone mentioned YogicSound as an alternative and I think it’s very very good after using it almost daily for a couple of months. I recommend Yogicsound. Worth every cent if you ask me, but there’s a FREE demo to try if you’re not sure about it.

    You get the whole Yogicsound package at once, for a fair price, and the quality is far beyond holosync.

  46. Azslyn Cole Says:

    I hope you will be successful on your venture. Good luck on your venture. I enjoy reading your post.:)

  47. Carol Scott Says:

    I would love to try this product as well. I want to erase all the stressed on my body and this one can definitely help a lot.

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