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10 Powerful Tools for Connecting with the Energy of Money

October 1st, 2008 by Ryan

Can we be rich and spiritual at the same time?

If money is just energy, how can we connect with that energy and bring more of it into our lives?

If abundance is a state of mind, what roles does the economy and the outside world play?

I am beginning to realize that, in the words of Wallace Wattles, "There is only abundance".

There is only abundance, without exception, in every case.

Those who have lots of money are abundant in money.  Those who have little money are abundant in the amount of space to realize money; in the opportunity to receive it. 

In the second scenario, this means we will still have an inner journey ahead of us; one in which we come to terms with our own abundance

Not attain it, not find it, but come to terms (it's an internal process).

Ok, so if we are abundant in the opportunity to receive money, how do we take advantage of this opportunity?

This is where the outside world comes into play.

Everything outside of us; our jobs, our credit, our bills, our lifestyle, the economy, all of that is the platform for us to realize our abundance.

It's the means by which we let go of all stressful, fear-inducing thought patterns and step into a state of inner peace and abundance (which is then reflected in our outside world in the form of money and other blessings).

This means that everything that is causing us stress is here to help us. 

Help us do what exactly?

To help us release our attachments; to release all conditions that we have set up for us to be happy (ie I need a nice car to be happy, I need x amount of money to feel safe, I need to live in this city before I enjoy my life etc).

The conditions themselves block our happiness and well-being and money. 

When we stifle our happiness, we are stifling the very core of our attraction power; our emotional state.

All that comes to us, comes in response to our emotional state.

There is nothing so great that we should sacrifice our own emotional well-being for it.

This is the core lesson that the universe is trying to help us realize.

The universe is infinitely kind; it will remove from our life anything that causes us stress.

If dealing with money causes us stress, the universe will stop sending us money.

If our mortgage is causing us stress, the universe will remove our house so we don't have to pay it.

A while ago, I experienced this first hand. I had a Palm Treo cell phone.  Over the 2 years I had it, I began to dislike it more and more; it was hard to hear people, it constantly dropped calls, and it was big and clunky.  

Of course, it did other cool things but my attention was fixed on the problems it had.

Then one morning I woke up to find my phone unresponsive…and wet.  The maid who had just come, and while cleaning the room earlier, must have dropped it in her cleaning bucket then put it back on the counter.

At first, when I realized what had happened, I began to get frustrated and felt the urge to blame her, yet I knew all too well this had been an honest mistake on her part. 

It was more true that this was a manifestation of my emotional state towards the phone: I had thrown it out in my mind a long time ago.

So I took responsibility for bringing this experience into my life, forgave myself (and the maid), and got a new smaller phone which I now really enjoy.

So the key for abundance is to find all the areas in our life where our emotional state is compromised, and as Abraham says, "clean it up".

We clean it up by taking responsibility for everything that is currently in our life, being honest with ourselves, forgiving ourselves and anyone we blamed (including governments and corporations), letting go of limiting beliefs and scarcity thinking, and cultivating an attitude of giving and of being of service.

Granted, this is a lot of work and, in the past, many people have spent entire lifetimes truly learning just one of these lessons.

Luckily for us, it's different.

We have at our disposal, powerful tools that allow us to change ourselves at a deep energetic level.

We have access to the greatest wisdom in the world in the areas of wealth and abundance.

We have the proof that it works by being exposed to all those who have put these tools to the test…and best of all, much of this knowledge is free; a gift to us.

Listed below are the many tools available to you to begin this journey of realizing your own abundance.

These are the same tools that I have been using to create a healthy, appreciative relationship with money.

Find the ones that resonate with you and let me know any lessons you learn or experiences you have along the way that may be helpful to myself or others.

The list starts with some books, then goes into audio and videos resources.

1. The Science of Getting Rich – In this 1910 classic, Wallace Wattles guides you through a practical process for becoming rich that "works every time", like a science.

The science of getting rich by wallace wattlesOne of the core ideas of the book is that becoming rich is the noblest thing you can do, for it is by becoming rich that you allow your true spirit to have fullest expression.

For those who grew up with beliefs that it is noble to be poor or that being rich is not spiritual, this is a definite must-read.

This is the same book that inspired Rhonda Byrnes (creator of The Secret) and many others to become wealthy.  Since it has passed its copyright, the book is available for free: Download The Science of Getting Rich PDF.

There is also a free audio book version available courtesey of blogger Mike Dewitt: Download The Science of Getting Rich AudioBook

2. Think and Grow Rich – American billionaire Andrew Carnegie wanted to capture the formula for wealth once and for all.  So he commissioned a young man by the name of Napoleon Hill to interview the richest men across the world. Although he was to do this for over 20 years without pay, he would be allowed to keep the research as his own.  

Think and grow rich by napoleon hillNapoleon Hill took him up on the offer and his resulting decades of work was condensed into this book.

This is the classic book that started the personal development wave having sold over 50 million copies and inspiring many along the way.

The great thing about this book is that it puts the power of wealth within reach no matter who you are.  

Included are many concepts and exercises that form the foundation for most modern personal development and wealth creation programs (such as visualizing, creating a mastermind group, leveraging imagination, desire and faith and many more).

This book is also available for free: Download Think and Grow Rich PDF

Also, there is a free audiobook version available at Live the Power: Access Think and Grow Rich Free Audiobook

3. The Energy of Money – Written by psychologist turned spiritual teacher, Maria Nemeth.  This book features a comprehensive guide to removing many of the major blocks to money (such as dealing with the monkey mind/ego, forgiving ourselves and others, getting in touch with our integrity and many more).  

The Energy of Money by Maria NemethMainly, it helps us become aware of all the areas in our life that drain our money energy and how we can turn it around so that these situations support us instead.

The book features examples of people from her class and how they handled their money issues using techniques in her book.  

The good thing about this book is that it has you do lots of exercises (inner work) and offers plans of action that you can implement immediately to clean up your money energy.

4. The Attractor Factor – Written by Joe Vitalie (featured on The Secret) is a simple and spiritual guide to putting the law of attraction into action. 

the attractor factor by joe vitalieEach chapter keys in on powerful spiritual principles for using the Law of Attraction along with Joe's personal stories and experiences to illustrate each concept.

I like this book because it's an easy and enjoyable read and there are a couple techniques that alone have tremendous value (such as a process for scripting out what you want to manifest like it is a scene in a movie).

Also, I just like Joe Vitalie's attitude and energy.  He is very laidback and easy going and always hits on important points in a way thats easy to take in.

5.  Attracting Abundance with EFT – In this ebook and audio program, Carol Look provides step-by-step instructions for nearly 60 different EFT Exercises and hundreds of Choice Statements to release any blocks or limiting beliefs you might have to receiving wealth and joy in your life. 

attract money and abundanceI have watched some of Carol's work in the old EFT training videos and she has a very practical, no-nonsense type of approach to getting these types of issues handled.  She seems to just laser in on the issue and clear it, yet in an easy manner.  I highly recommend giving her program a try, especially since it incorporates the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

6. Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay – One day my aunt came over and said to me "Hey, an old bookstore nearby is going to be torn down and they have to get rid of all their old books, come with us."

Although I didn't particularly want to go, I felt in that instant like spirit was speaking through her urging me to go.

So I did and when I arrived I sorted through old dusty piles of books until this one jumped out at me.  I quickly took it home and dove into it.  

even mystics have bills to pay by jim rosemergyThis book has turned out to be the most profound book about riches I have ever read (so far). 

The spiritual concepts in here are so simple yet profound and counter-intuitive, I was totally blown away.  There were many times I had to stop reading completely and absorb what was written.

The core idea of the book is to help the reader to internalize the wealth consciousness at the deepest level of their being.

For those that are new to the study of abundance and spiritual concepts, I'd recommend reading some of the other books listed first because the ideas in here may not be understood in the right context.

Also, this book approaches spirituality using religious terms like God, Jesus, Christ, and quotes stories from the Bible (which works well since they are all very relevant to each lesson).  

So if you have any resistance towards religion, I suggest cleaning that up before tackling this one, that way you can get the essence of the paradigm shifting concepts presented in it.

7. The Prosperity Podcast – Another valuable resource is the Prosperity Podcast with Julia Tindall and Ira Ellenbogen.  

Each week they pick a new topic to cover in regards to living with a wealth consciousness such as overcoming limiting beliefs, cleaning up stuck money energy, healing guilt about past money issues, learning how to give and receive in ways to enhance prosperity and more.

The Prosperity Podcast with Julia Tindall and Ira EllenbogenJulia Tinall is a Jnana Yoga instructor (yoga of the mind) and the author of 20 Questions for Enlightened Living. 

She provides many key insights into adopting an attitude of abundance and provies specific tasks for the listener to complete at the end of each lesson.

Throughout it all, Ira asks her pertinant questions and shares his own stories and realizations as he learns them with Julia.

This podcast is over a year old so there are a ton of episodes (over 75 so far, all free) which you can begin listening to right away.

The best way to get them is to open iTunes, go to the iTunes store and search for "Prosperity Podcast" then subscribe to it and download all the episodes at once.  

Another way to get them is to visit their website and subscribe through their podcast service, Podbean: The Prosperity Podcast

The best thing about the podcast is that you expose yourself to a high vibing discussion about wealth on a regular basis, kind of like your own virtual wealth mastermind group.

You can listen to the first episode here:



8. Use E.F.T. to Clear Away Financial Stress and Create Emotional Stability

I recently found an excellent resource for utilizing EFT to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs about money.  

EFT is a form of meridian energy therapy that allows you to balance your emotions by tapping on different acupressure points along your body (similar to acupuncture but using your fingers rather than needles).

The resources I found are free tap-along videos created by David Childerly of MyGenie TV, intended to clear your energy system and remove any stress relating to money and finances.  

In each of the videos, you simply tap where David taps and say what he says. 

The process of clearing your energy system is like hitting reset on your emotions.  Your emotional state is like a magnet, attracting different people and situations into your life.

Emotions of fear and worry pull in exactly what the fear is centered around (ie fear about being poor brings in poverty) and likewise, emotions of appreciation for abundance brings in more wealth and abundance.

Also, when we are in a state of fear, we trigger fight or flight chemicals in our body which reduce blood flow to the front of the brain (resulting in poor logic and reasoning) and lowers our immune system.

This is why it's vital that we cultivate a positive and healthy emotional state.

The videos below are a great start to this process:

Intro to EFT & Creating Abundance via Law of Attraction

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

EFT Tapping to Create Abundance via Affirmations

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

EFT Tapping to Create Law of Attraction Mindset 

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

How To Overcome Debt & Stress Using The Balance Procedure

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

EFT 1 Minute Stress Buster

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Use EFT Tapping to Create Abundance and Re-encode Your Mind

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Click Here for Part 2 (subscription required)

David also offers downloadable videos on weight loss, men's sexual issues, law of attraction affirmations, and many more from his website, MyGenie TV.

9. The Teachings of Abraham: Money and Abundance

teachings of abraham money and abundance hicksThis is the latest book released by Jerry and Esther Hicks featuring the wisdom of Abraham and is centered on tuning your vibrations to welcome money and abundance into your life.

Abraham is a group of non-physical beings who speak through Esther Hicks on topics such as the laws of the universe (law of attraction, law of deliberate creation, and law of allowing), relationships, emotional strength, and many more.

I consider Abraham to be the highest source of wisdom in my own life of any teachers I have found.

Their teachings are clear, concise, and always improve my energy.

I just ordered this book so I haven't had a chance to read it but pretty much everything I've heard from Abraham is of very high quality and I trust that this will be no different.

In addition to their latest book on money and abundance, they have many others cds and dvds available on their site:

Below are some videos taken from their live workshops that you may find applicable when trying to get yourself into a better emotional state around money:

Abraham – Money and The Law of Attraction

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Abraham – On The World's "Financial Crisis"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Abraham – Money and the Manager

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Click Here to view more videos from Abraham


10. The Work of Byron Katie on Money

I recently wrote how you can let go of any stressful thought by asking yourself the 4 questions of The Work of Byron Katie.

The Work of Byron KatieThe Work is a process of questioning your thoughts, also known as inquiry. 

Our minds create meaning out of everything; it's a survival mechanism. 

The problem arises when we assign a meaning to something that's not true.

This is what Byron Katie calls an "insane thought." 

It's a thought that argues with reality.

How can we tell if we are believing an insane thought?

Are we feeling stress?  If so, then we are believing an insane thought; we are attached to a specific meaning that just isn't true.

As Byron Katie says, "Reality is always kinder than the stories we tell about it."

If we are experiencing stress about money and financial issues, then its time to question our thoughts and the stories we keep tell ourselves.

So, to get the most out of the videos below, make sure you've read the Introduction to The Work in my earlier post and come back to these videos.

You Need More Money, Is That True?

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

"I Don't Like to Lose Money"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

"I Need to Give My Son Money"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Fear of The Future

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

For more information on Byron Katie, Visit

There you have it.  I hope you find some of these tools beneficial on your journey to realizing greater wealth and abundance.  

If you have any additional resources that you use, feel free to add them in the comments below.  

Sat Nam! 

Letting Go Allows Abundance To Flow

September 10th, 2008 by Ryan

Letting go allows abundance to flow

Can we be spiritual and rich at the same time?

Many spiritual students confuse money and the attachment to money.

Money itself is just a tool or a convenience; a means by which energy takes shape temporarily before it transforms into something else.

The attachment to money, on the other hand, is the notion that money is the source of wealth, happiness, and fulfillment.  

It's the belief that our wealth and power lie outside of ourselves; in numbered pieces of paper or shiny clumps of metal.

This attachment leads to the belief that the means justifies the end.  It's an attitude that makes attaining money the purpose and reason for life. 

If we experience frustration and lack in this area, chances are we are acting from a place of need and attachment. 

When we are attached to money, we pursue it.

During this pursuit, life passes us by.  When life passes us by, we have sacrificed our true purpose (to live life to the fullest) for an empty and unfulfilling illusion.

I came to fully understand this whole idea of attachment to money one day when I was skateboarding through my neighborhood.

I often go cruising down the quiet suburban streets to get a breathe of fresh air, enjoy the day, and get the energy in the body moving.

This particular day, as I was enjoying the sights, sounds, and people, I happened to glance down and see a small shiny round object on the ground.

I stopped, got off my board and walked toward it.  It was a quarter.  Pleasantly surprised, I smiled and thanked the universe for this gift and kept on riding.

I had gone not even 50 feet and I saw another shiny round object on the ground.  This time a dime.  "Cool!" I thought to myself, and thanked the universe again.

I continued on my way, turned the corner and yet again I found another coin, a quarter!

I laughed to myself in happy amazement and kept riding. 

In the the span of about 10 minutes I found a total of 8 coins, nearly all of them in different spots. Three quarters, 2 dimes, and 3 pennies for a total of 98 cents.

It was almost unbelievable to find all these coins in such a short time when I wasn't even looking for them in the first place.

After the 8th coin, I began to notice a few things happen.  For one, I began to think "this is just too unusual, I'm getting too lucky."

It was like a subconscious closing off to receiving the gifts of the universe.  It was like my mind was giving me a reality check (and in the process blocking the miraculous).

It was as if my mind had reached a threshold of how many "lucky coins" I was mentally willing to accept into my concept of reality.

Secondly, I noticed that as I kept riding, I was no longer basking in the cool breeze, enjoying the unique personalities of each house, feeling joy at the natural arrangements of plants, trees, and people.

Instead, my eyes began to scan the ground, actively searching for the next coin; the next mini-treasure. 

My mind switched into acquire mode with the goal of finding and attaining more money.

Instead of being in a state of peace, joy and appreciation, a state of being in harmony with spirit and attracting abundance; I became consumed by this instinctual seeking, a state which neglected abundance and focused primarily on acquiring.  

My head was down as my attention became fixated on the passing gravel, potholes, and leaf-filled gutters.  Without coins, this world looked dark, barren, and unpleasant.  It lacked life, it lacked the vibrancy of spirit, of light and creation.

When I realized what had happened I snapped out of it.  I thought to myself, "Wow, I've lost track of what was truly valuable to me; the real reason I came out today.  I went for a ride to see the sights; to enjoy the beauty of creation as expressed in these plants, houses, and people; to feel the joy and exhilaration that comes from riding. 

The universe gave me a few gifts and since I was still attached to money, I got caught up in acquiring more.  This searching resulted in me neglecting the whole purpose of coming out in the first place.  And it also closed me off from receiving more."

Then that animal part of me argued its case, "No! I must keep looking for coins.  I might miss one if I am not looking down at the ground."

This brings up a key component to spiritual work; faith.  The ability to let go and trust the universe.

How did I first find the coin?  Was I deliberately searching for money by scanning the ground?  No.  I was enjoying the scenery, in a state of peace and I suddenly felt the urge to look down at the precise moment that I passed a coin on the ground.

The universe had nudged me to pick it up.

So now I could choose to turn over this chance of finding another coin to the universe and go on with observing the beauty around me, trusting that I will receive another nudge if I pass a coin; or I could choose to take matters into my own hands and actively scan the ground, neglecting my original purpose in riding and even put my own safety at risk (since I will not be watching for traffic as well while scanning the ground).

As much as I wanted to only look up and enjoy the ride like I had when I first started, it was a bit of a challenge.  The ego kept directing my eyes to the ground in search of money; almost addicted to possibility of the pleasure that comes from attaining it.  I had to consciously keep bringing my attention back up.

This story is a perfect anecdote for our life and our relationship with money (or anything else that gives us pleasure).

When we get a taste of something good, it's instinctual to begin to seek more of it.  Yet it is the seeking itself that drives it further away from us and leads us into suffering, lack, and unhappiness.

This is why I said fulfillment is found not through attainment but by letting go.  In the letting go, we are releasing our attachment to that which we have sought after. 

When the seeking is released, we come back to our inherent energy of peace, joy, and abundance.  It is in this state that all these gifts come to us.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.

As life gives us these wonderful gifts, we can allow ourselves to appreciate them in that moment.

When we realize that the source of our abundance is within and let go of attaching to any outside source, we are free to enjoy the simple and extravagant gifts that life has to offer. 

From here, we will be open to anything that comes our way.

How to Let Go of Any Stressful Thought by Asking These 4 Questions

August 25th, 2008 by Ryan

Have you ever been relaxing by yourself, maybe reading or watching tv while completely at peace, when suddenly a thought pops in your head.

"My life doesn't have a purpose.  I need to do something productive or my life will just waste away."

Where did this thought come from?

More importantly, how does a thought like this make us feel?

For me, when a thought like this comes up, I feel anxious and start to put a lot of pressure on myself.  My body becomes uncomfortable and I get agitated. 

I may keep doing what I'm doing or I may push myself into action in order to feel produtive (which usually ends in more stress in the form of multi-tasking and not really getting anything major accomplished).  

Where did this stress come from?

Is it because we have not attained all those things in life we believe to be important such as the ideal body, career, and social life?

Perhaps if we got all those things, the stress that we feel will go away too….right?

Or maybe it was simply the thought "My life doesn't have purpose" that was the problem to begin with.

Could it be that all our stress is caused, not by our life's circumstances but by our thoughts about our life's circumstances?

Could it be possible to find peace in our life right now without changing anything except our thinking?

According to Byron Katie, it's not only possible, it's the most practical way for many of us to find peace in any given moment.

Byron Katie is the creator of The Work, a method of self-inquiry that ends the negative thought spiral of the mind. 

Simply put any stressful thought up against 4 questions and watch as truth rises up and transforms stress into peace. 

In the midst of an ordinary life (2 marriages, 3 children, and a successful career), Katie began a downward spiral into rage, paranoia, and despair.

Becoming nearly bedridden and severly depressed, she checked herself into a halfway house and end up living in the attic room (since the other residents were so afraid of her).

One morning in 1986, 43 year-old Byron Katie woke up without any concept of who she was.  As she describes it from her book "Loving What is":

Byron katie's Loving what is"There was no me.  All my rage, all the thoughts that had been troubling me, my whole world, the whole world, was gone. At the same time, laughter welled up from the depths and just poured out. Everything was unrecognizable.

It was as if something else had woken up. It opened its eyes. It was looking through Katie's eyes. And it was so delighted! It was intoxicated with joy. There was nothing separate, nothing unacceptable to it; everything was its very own self."

Her family and friend were amazed at the seemingly miraculous transformation and asked her what happened.  Katie said that a freedom had woken up insider her and through a process of inner questioning, she realized all her old thoughts were untrue.

Byron Katie has no specific religious or spiritual affiliation, she says that she is a "lover of reality." 

Through a few basic concepts, 4 questions, and a turnaround, anyone else can become a lover of reality as well.  She calls this process "The Work" or just self-inquiry.

The following concepts lay the foundation for getting the most out of self-inquiry.

Noticing When Your Thoughts Argue With Reality

Most of our stress comes from attaching to thoughts that argue with reality.

Have you ever tried to train a cat to bark?  

You could spend hours becoming frustrated and angry trying to train a cat to bark and it will still only be able to "meow."

It wouldn't make much sense in stressing ourselves over this situation because a cat can only be what it is; a cat.

The minute we demand the cat act like a dog, we are arguing with reality and the result is a feeling of stress.

This example seems obvious but in one form or another, our stress comes from asking others to be something that they are not; it's just like asking the cat to bark.  

Staying In Your Own Business

From "Loving What is":

"I can find only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours, and God's. (For me, the word God means "reality." Reality is God because it rules.  Anything that's out of my control, your control, and everyone else's control – I call that God's business.)

Much of our stress comes from mentally living out of our own business.  When I think, "You need to get a job, I want you to be happy, you should be on time, you need to take better care of yourself."  I am in your business.  When I am worried about earthquakes, floods, wars, or when I will die, I am in God's business.

If I am mentally in your business or God's business, the effect is separation."

When we feel negative emotions and stress, that is a sign that we are not staying in our own business.

Becoming Aware of Your Stories

Thoughts themselves are not the problem.  It's the attachment to the thoughts that create suffering.  Attaching to a thought means believing it to be true without questioning it.  

Combine enough of these un-investigated beliefs together and you have a story; a big theory that tells us what everything means.

Say for example, you're at a party with some friends and you are introduced to someone.  As you both talk, you notice the other person seems distant and uninterested and you eventually part ways with each other.  

What does this mean? 

That you are boring?  That they are boring?

Our story (the collection of thoughts that we are attached to) tells us what the event means.

If our story is that we've always been awkward in social situations, then this even will just reinforce that story and we will feel negative emotion.  

If our story is that we are fun and interesting and if we don't get along with someone else, then it probably just wasn't meant to be and we spared by their departure.

The key idea is that it's not what happens to us in life that causes suffering, it's "What story are we attaching to?"

How can we tell if we are buying into a story that's working against us?  We feel negative emotion.

Anytime we feel bad, that's a signal that it's time to question the story we are telling ourselves.  

This is what the process of inquiry is all about; investigating our stories until we find our truth.

When truth is found, peace is the result.

Judge Your Neighbor

To start inquiry, it's best to begin with our beliefs about others and then move onto our beliefs about ourselves and everything else.  This is done through what's called a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet (available from

If you'd like, print out and complete the worksheet on someone who's been stressing you out lately.  As you fill out each statement, allow yourself to be as honest and judgmental as possible.  This way we get the ego on paper which allows for a better chance at finding our truth (so the ego won't be able to backwards rationalize).

Inquiry: The 4 Questions

When you're finished, put each statement up against the four questions.  Instead of just answering each quickly with the mind, genuinely ask the question and wait for an answer.  

The goal is to allow the answers to come from our heart rather than our mind.  

The mind knows only duality whereas the heart speaks from our inner knowing; our true self.

Question 1: Is It True?

Genuinely ask yourself if the statement you are working on is true.  Don't pay attention to other's belief systems or what is sopposed to be true from a right or wrong viewpoint but see if you can find your answer.  If the answer is "no" or "I don't know", go on to question 3, otherwise go to the next question.

Question 2: Can You Absolutely Know That It's True?

Can you really know that this is true, with the universe's infinite intelligence and immeasurable factors?  Can you really know how the situation will play out in the end?  Perhaps there is a purpose in that which you are resisting.

Question 3: How Do You React WHen You Think That Thought?

What happens to you when this thought comes up?  What do you feel, physically, in your body (tightness, tingling, etc)?  How do you treat others?  How do you treat yourself?  What actions do you take?

Question 4: Who Would You Be Without The Thought?

Close your eyes and wait.  Imagine for a moment, that it is not possible to think that thought even in the midst of that person or situation.  What do you feel?  What is it like?  What would life be like without this thought or story?

Turn It Around

 The turnaround is a way to fully experience both sides of the coin (both polarities of the mind).  In this way, we create balance in the mind and release energy that has been trapped in the ego's attachment to one viewpoint (or polarity).

Many times we will realize that the opposite of what we believed is as true or truer than our original position.  This opens up a whole new world, mentally, and is often accompanied by great emotional relief.

To turn around a statement, you simply replace the person's name with your own name. 

So in the example of the though "She should be honest with me", the turnaround is "I should be honest with me."

Now stop and let that turnaround soak in for a moment. 

Is this statement as true or truer?

So using this same example you could ask yourself questions that would backup the turnaround such as: Were there times when you were not honest with yourself about her actions?  Is it not true that she is just being who she is and perhaps you have created a story that built her up to be some ideal person and all that is required is that you be honest with yourself?

The idea is to play around in the opposite polarity for a bit and see what the mind finds. Try to find 3 examples of how each a turnaround is true in your life.

Now if you are writing about yourself or an object, you replace it with "my thinking" to turn it around.

So in the example, "My body shouldn't be fat" becomes "My thinking shouldn't be fat."  Now wait a moment and let that think in.  How many times a day are you thinking about your body being fat?  Perhaps it is our thinking that is really weighing us down. 

The story of being fat is replaying over and over in the mind until we identify ourselves with that story.  With the turnaround we can realize that a majority of our energy is invested into this story and without it, our body could be using that energy to become healthier.

There is also another way to turn it around and that is to change it to the complete opposite of the original statement.

The thought "She should be honest with me" becomes "She shouldn't be honest with me."  Why?  Has she been honest in the past?  If not, then why in the world should she be any other way than the way she is?  She can only be that which she is.  Just as a cat can't bark, she may not be able to be honest 100% of the time.  

It's not about right or wrong, it's about reality.  If it's true that she is dishonest, then she should be dishonest.  Why?  Because she is; everyone can only be that which they are.

These turnarounds are especially powerful because we get to see how the world is our mirror. 

As Byron Katie Says: "Everyone is a mirror image of yourself – Your own thinking coming back at you."

This one concept allows us to stop trying to fight reality and instead make peace with it.  From this place of peace, we tap into the creative power of the universe and allow ourselves to enjoy life as it unfolds.

To really understand the work, it's helpful to see Byron Katie in action; going through the four questions with people in her live workshops.

I've only recently begun using her work and have found it to be very powerful at bringing me back to the present moment and extremely effective at halting the negative downward spiral of the mind.

Eckhart Tolle teaches the power of now, yet for many, it's been a struggle to stay in the present.  The Work is the process of coming back to the present moment and, therefore, leaving all suffering behind. 

All that's left is reality and as Byron Katie says, "Reality is always kinder than the stories we tell about it."



Here are some videos that demonstrate Byron Katie and The Work in action:

Introduction to The Work (Interview)

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Explaining the 4 Questions of The Work (Interview)

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"I Don't Ever Want to be Rejected Again" (Workshop)

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"I Want Her to Come Back to Me" (Workshop)

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"She's Not Getting Over it" (Part 1)

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"I Want Her to Live More Fully" (Part 2)

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"I Need My Partner to Open His Heart"

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Your Kind Nature

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"I'm Afraid of War" Byron Katie in Israel (Part 1 of 3)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

"I'm Afraid of War" Byron Katie in Israel (Part 2 of 3)

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"I'm Afraid of War" Byron Katie in Israel (Part 3 of 3)

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You Need More Money, Is That True?

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"I'm Too Fat" (Part 1 of 2)

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"I'm Too Fat" (Part 2 of 2)

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Our Innocence

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"My Father Isn't Here For Me"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Sample of The Work In Action (48 min)

You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

The Work on Jealousy and Resentment (63 min)

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"I Thought You Were Sopposed to Love Me" (61 min)

You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

The Work on The Perfect Body (42 min)

You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

Teenage Prison Facility (29 min)

You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

Prison of the Mind (54 min)

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Fulfillment Is Found Not Through Attainment But By Letting Go

July 29th, 2008 by Ryan
Fulfillment Is Found Not Through Attainment But Through Letting Go.  Why so many people are searching for joy and love outside of themselves.  It's an endless cycle.  Self acceptance is key to fulfillment.

What are you seeking in your life right now?

Do you believe this next job, person, or skill will lead to you feeling happy and fulfilled?

For many years I was all about self-improvement.  I loved finding new programs that would allow me to be better at body language, communication, business, psychology, and so on.

I somehow fell into the attitude that the good life is "out there" and the way to get there is by becoming more.

There was a subtle and unspoken belief that myself, at the moment, was not good enough; hence the reason for self-improvement.

This notion followed me everywhere.  I would work out at the gym so that one day I would have attained a strong and muscular body and would then have the confidence and status I sought.

I wished for a beautiful girlfriend to come into my life so I could attain the love and affection I sought.

The only thing was, this type of plan was a failure right from the start.

Once a person subscribes to the notion that their fulfillment is "out there," they have created a pattern.  (Another way to look at it is that they have jumped into a specific stream of energy, one of need and lack).

The thing with patterns (or energy streams), is that once a person is in them, it's a bit tougher to turn them around.

This means that even if a person gets what they want, they are so consumed by the pattern, they will find something wrong with what they've attained and continue on with a new version of the pattern.  

In my case, I worked out at the gym for a few years and got in pretty good shape.  My friends would compliment me and others would notice and for a while I felt great.

Yet ultimately, I was not fulfilled and this need to be more transformed from getting in shape into becoming good with women.

I would tell myself, "No, this is it.  Once I learn how to attract women, that's when I'll really be happy.  Just this one thing and I'll be good.

So I learned all kinds of dating techniques and concepts and started dating a beautiful girlfriend.

And again, for a short while, I was happy and seemingly fulfilled.

Yet there is something interesting that I realized. 

Anything that is built from the energy of neediness will eventually drain itself and collapse; either slowly or in one fell swoop.

Building something on the premise that it will fulfill you is like building on shakey ground.

Once a person realizes that a thing isn't going to fulfill them (usually after they achieve it), they neglect it. 

They do this because they never really wanted that thing in the first place; they wanted what they thought it would bring them. Without the end result, they might as well throw the rest away.

So of course, once I had "attained" a beautiful girlfriend, I ended up having problems and realized that I knew barely anthing about relationships.

Again, I went in search of something else to fulfill me.  This is what led me to Ideagasms and Stephanes programs (along with many other books and programs you'll find in the resources section).

Luckily for me, his programs taught self-acceptance using the 7 Chakras as the framework.

The key is accepting yourself wherever you are, since that brings you back into the present moment (which is where all your power is).

You allow yourself to be fulfilled right now rather than sometime in the future (when you reach some goal).

So I worked with his chakra program along with other various teachings and methods (such as EFT and TAT) over the past 2 years and was able to ground myself into the reality of being fulfilled right now. 

One of the chakra frames that Stephane really hammers in is "I accept myself just the way I am, even though I'm not perfect."

As I kept focusing on that one, intuitively I started letting go of things; unhealthy habits, unecessary possessions, unpleasant jobs, certain relationships, various positions.

The more I let go, the easier it was to go within and experience joy and fulfillment.  There was no logical reason why I should; my health was a mess, my credit cards were racked up, my datings skills were at a major low, my business was not working.

Yet none of that mattered.  

I made a conscious decision to accept myself just the way I was, no matter what.

The more I let go, the better life became.  (This is what I'm still working on and what better way to internalize this attitude than to share it with others).

Everything improved on its own.

I realized that our default state is vibrant health, our default state is abundance, our default state is joy.  

If we aren't experiencing these states, it means we must let go of something.

It means our energy is tied up in something and by letting it go, we are taking back our power.

Just look at toddlers and you can observe this inner fulfillment in action; you can see it in their eyes.

They find tremendous joy in dirt and plants and bugs.  They don't need anything to be happy, they just are.

Yet somehow, along the road of life, we forgot that we are the source of our own happiness and began to seek it "out there."

Is it any wonder why so many of the pop stars and cultural icons have such personal turmoil?  They have reached what many seek as the dream of glamor and fame and have come to realize it didn't give them what they really wanted.

The real desire is for a connection with spirit, to feel our innate inner being flowing through us as vibrant and joyful energy.

Spiritual work is the process of letting go of all that is not us.

As we chip away at the illusions we have bought into, we free our energy and we allow our life experience to jump dramatically. 

Then, as we are free, we are in a better place to build sustainable creations because they are created out of a loving fulfilment rather than a resenting lack.

In this way, they are grounded in the power of the universe rather than the force of the neediness.

Ask yourself, what possessions are using up your energy?

What relationships, career choices, or habits, are draining you?  

What positions are you holding onto that are causing you conflict with yourself and others?

Fulfillment is available to you right now.

Are you willing to let go?




Ryan’s Path Part I: The Fall into Reactive Resistence and Becoming Stuck in the Mind

July 20th, 2008 by Ryan

I've decided to write a series of posts entitled "Ryan's Path" which describe my own personal experiences during this spiritual journey.

Originally I planned on focusing on writing only about my major breakthroughs on Yang Town and leaving out most of the personal details of the path yet I've come to realize this would be a huge disservice to those who are truly interested in spiritual growth.

I am now understanding that most of my own breakthroughs happened as a result of being on a certain path rather than a specific action that was taken.

 I've realized that life is not the result of a few huge decisions and subsequent planned actions, but rather, the result of many little decisions that spontaneously setup opportunities for big decisions that allow a person to take actions that will have a major impact on one's life.  (Yeah it's a mouthful, might want to re-read that one).

Therefore, the greatest gift I can give you, is probably a model of what a spiritual path looks like so you can redirect your own life and have some reassurance that you are headed in the right direction.

A few years ago, I lived like most guys out there.  I went out with my friends to parties, bars, and clubs (and occasionally strip clubs). I drank a whole bunch of beer on the weekends and occasionally hard alcohol (it was ok though, I was a fun drunk ;). 

A verteran of videogames, I played counterstrike and warcraft3:dota with great dedication and skill.  I didn't watch much tv but I did pride myself as staying up to date with the latest worldly events through online blogs and sites like digg. 

I studied business at a nearby college and ran a web design company in my free time.  I was pretty good with computers and technology in general, which made it very easy for me to download pirated versions of just about anything I wanted online; games, movies, music, audiobooks, porn….you name it.

I was also a big fan of self help, constantly striving to improve myself and create a better future. 

Growing up, I didn't understand women that well until I read Double Your Dating by David Deangelo, which opened up a whole new world for me.  Soon I was deep into serious relationship which I had no idea how to handle.  It became so bad that I had to end it and move on.

It hit me hard because I didn't understand relationships at all and I was used to having things figured out.  I could feel myself slipping into a place of deep regret and frustration.  Negative thoughts would come up accompanied by negative emotions.  

Being a guy who valued logic over emotions, I forced any negative feelings down and refused to feel sorry for myself.  I used my mind to think my way out of any depression.

For a while, it seemed to work and my regretful thoughts faded away as time passed.  During this time, I decided to dive into all the dating, seduction, and pickup material I could get my hands on. 

I learned all kinds of new theories surrounding evolution, genetics, biology emotions, NLP, psychology and more.  I learned how to "push the attraction buttons" of women.

I gained a depper understanding of the female perspective and how to communicate in a way that creates an emotional connection.  I realized I had to add more cockiness to my fun and easy going attitude and become a bit more stylish.

I began practicing my newfound understanding of women everwhere I went; parties, school, even out at stores. For a short period of time my "game" was good.  At one point I told a friend "let me interact with any attractive girl one on one and I'll have her attracted to me."

I met girls at clubs, at parties, online.  It had never been so easy.  My friends were quite amazed at my sudden change.  It seemed like I had finally accomplished my goal of figuring out women.

Soon I began seeing this one girl and things were going good until she ended it abruptly for no apparent reason.  I didn't really care about it too much but the event seemed to trigger all kinds of repressed emotions from the first relationship. 

My ego was hurt more than anything.

It was like the reality of all the regrets from before hit me like a ton of bricks, jump starting the mind's endless thoughts and mental projections.

I became stuck in my head.

The ego can easily become the origin of much suffering.  The events themselves are never as bad as they are when you replay them in your mind. 

The ego loves to be a victim, so it juices every detail of a trauma to enhance the perceived negative impact on you.

Slowly things began to change for the worse.  I started becoming more and more unhappy.  My jokes were no longer cocky and funny, they were just cocky.  My physical health started to decline; low energy, digestion problems, low immunity, lack of sex drive, and a host of other problems.

I had been resisting a persistent voice inside that kept pushing me to start a blog.  Finally, I surrendered to the calling and created a personal blogger account to record my experiences and major realizations in the hopes that I would be better off by having them as a reference in the future.

As my physical health continued to drop, I kept trying to avoid facing it until one day after being sick for 2 straight weeks from a bad virus infection (which was a regular occurance for me back then), I decided I had had enough.

It was time to regain my health.

I embarked on what I though would be a quick detour into the world of health….but what turned out to be the start of a life changing journey inward.

A way out of the mind…

…and into the spirit.

We Are All One: A Guide to Enlightened Living

July 9th, 2008 by Ryan

Ariel Bravy We are all one guide to enlightenment

I'm excited to announce the publication of a new blog by my friend and fellow spiritual truth seeker, Ariel Bravy, called "We Are All One: A Guide to Enlightened Living."

Ariel wrote a few articles here on Yang Town a while back (now they are only available on his site), both of which contain some powerful and useful truths.

Ariel is one of the few guys that I know that is really tapped in to universal source energy.  He is a dedicated meditator, a fellow student of Abraham's teachings, and embodies the power of allowing and unconditional love in everything he does.

He's been writing articles for some time before the launch so the blog features loads of great content.  He keys in on topics such as transcending the ego, manifestation, meditation, emotional strength, surrendering, and much more. 

I highly recommend checking it out.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Resources to Assist You on the Spiritual Path

June 26th, 2008 by Ryan

Many people are becoming aware of how important it is to be aware of the what kind of energy we allow into our lives, especially when we are on the path of spiritual growth.  

It's easy to flick on the tv and see a barrage of low vibing shows and ego driven media coverage.  

It's like Jack Johnson says, "Where'd all the good people go?" 

Well, hopefully I can share with you a few high vibing sources of wisdom for you on your journey inward.  

I just finished adding a new resources section to the blog.  It contains reviews and links to the teachers, books, programs, and even music that have helped me the most during the past couple years.

Just click on the button at the top menu to view the resources.  I'll be adding more as I find them too.  

How Do You Empower Someone?

June 7th, 2008 by Ryan

If you're reading this article, then you are probably someone who wants to make your life better by empowering yourself and those close to you through teaching, sharing knowledge, and evolving personally.  

So how do you empower someone?  If you have learned something that is of great benefit to yourself and others, how do you teach it to another person?  

Spiritual Integrity creates power through aligning your decision Surely you tell them how much better their life would be with this new knowledge.  Surely you explain exactly what they should do and exactly how they should do it. 

A good teacher is one who explains every step in detail and instructs their student each step along the way….right?

In my experience of learning, teaching, and sharing knowledge, I have found something very counter-intuitive going on in these situations. 

Many times when I had tried to share my most powerful knowledge with others, I was met with resistance. 

Many times when I explained the precise instructions for others to follow, they either resisted my teaching or became dependent on me for guidance. 

I came to realize there is a critical element that many of us are unaware of…


What is integrity?  Better yet, what role does it play in regards to teaching and empowering others?

Integrity is defined as:

1. The quality or state of being complete or undivided; being whole.
2. Steadfast adherence to a code of moral or ethical values, incorruptibility.

I define integrity as: 

The state of being connected to source energy in such a way that one's thoughts, words, and actions are aligned as one.

So let me ask you, if a knowledgeable teacher instructs you to do something "for your own good" yet your gut tells you not to do it, what is the integritous thing to do?    

If you have a thought or feeling, yet you act according to someone else's opposing thought or feeling, are you not out of integrity?

True integrity means you act in accordance with what you are thinking and feeling, and you speak or write in accordance with what you are thinking and feeling. 

We become out of integrity when we quiet ourselves from speaking our truth or when we restrain ourselves from taking the action that we long to take. 

Usually this is done out of fear.  Fear that others will no longer accept us if we take the action we really want to take, fear that we will lose something if we speak what is really on our mind.  So instead, we speak what we think others want to hear or act to what others expect of us.

As teachers, we experience the opposite side of this coin.  When we give advice, we may be robbing the other person of the greatest opportunity for power available to them… 

The power of decision.

True power comes at the moment of decision.  For when a person makes a decision, they are lining up their thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

They are stepping into integrity.

We often share our knowledge with someone (our thoughts and feelings) and then recommend that they take a specific action.  The other person may or may not have enough information to align their own thoughts and feelings to that action. 

If they do not have enough information, they will resist taking the action.  Why?  Because if they take action based on your thoughts and your feelings, they have stepped out of their integrity.

Aren't the most powerful teachers the ones who do least to convince others of their wisdom?

Instead they teach with riddles or questions; anything to provoke thought within the student.  For the power for true change occurs when the student makes a decision, that moment of inner realization; not when he takes a specific action. 

The power is in the decision to act, not the action itself. 

The decision is the lining up of integrity which builds the foundation for power and fuels the energy that is needed to carry out that action.

There is an appropriate time for specific and direct action plans.  It is when the student has already made a decision to learn.  

Have you ever noticed that over-bearing parents seem to have children who have trouble owning their own strength and making decisions? 

Think of the classic example of a parent pushing their child to go to a certain college.  If power came from action alone, then going to the right college would empower their child.    Yet it doesn't; it comes from entrusting others with the decision. 

Decisions build power.

Wouldn't it be better if that parent provided the support for their child going to that college by giving them some articles about the school's expertise, getting them in touch with relatives or alumni who went there, or otherwise focusing on the good aspects of it and then left it up to their child?

The power is in the decision because, in the decision, one takes responsibility for their actions and learns to create self-trust (which is the foundation for power). 

You may have noticed this approach on this blog in the way I write.  I ask many questions and propose many thought provoking ideas, yet rarely give direct instructions.  At the most, I offer suggestions or examples of what I have done.  

This is because I do not want to make decisions for you.  I want to offer you the conclusions I have reached along with some background knowledge so that you have the opportunity to make a decision for yourself.

In the Yang Town products, I am slightly more direct and action oriented since there is a subtle agreement that has taken place.  For example, in Revive Your Sex Drive, if you are downloading it, then you are already making a decision to improve your sex drive.  Since this decision has fueled you to take the action necessary to download it, I will offer more direct suggestions so that you can use that energy to revive your sex drive.  

If, on the other hand, I was mass emailing people saying "read this book, it will revive your sex drive", then I would be robbing them (to some extent) of the opportunity to decide to improve their sex drive on their own.  There would be less energy invested on their part because they did not make a decision and the book itself would be far less empowering.

So in this respect, we empower others by building the support for them to make a decision. 

We offer them the knowledge that has served us and allow the essence of who we are to serve as an example to inspire them….then, we let go.   

How to Free Your Mind Through A Course in Miracles

May 20th, 2008 by Ryan


That part of the human mind that many see as the cause of fear, addictions, crime, disease, wars, and pretty much all types of suffering in the world.

What exactly is this “Ego” that so many spiritual gurus talk about?

Why do so many regard it in such a negative light?

Better yet, if it is so bad, how do we transcend it?

My current understanding of ego goes like this:

Everything that exists in this world is made up of energy.  Even Einsteins formula, e=mc squared shows that energy is all there is.

So if you imagine this universal energy like light shooting out in all directions to brighten up a whole room, we as individuals are like highly focused beams of light brightening up a small area (think of a laser pointer) .

We have some degree of control over the focus too.  When we are very “mind-identified”, we are looking out for our own survival and possibly even at the cost of other’s well-being.  We see ourselves as individuals separate from each other and from life, meaning our laser beam is extremely highly focused.

Ego is the thoughts that come through us that identify us as an individual.

As we connect to universal “source” energy, we begin to merge with all of existence, as if the laser beam is reducing its focus to become more general.  This often happens when we reach meditative states, are “in the zone”, or achieve peak experiences in sports.

In these states, we are more ego-less; we are everything.  It’s like the saying that athletes repeat while playing; “I am the ball.”

Creation seems to happen through an ebb and flow between the two states.

People experience discomfort if they become too highly focused, too identified as individuals who are separate from source energy; too much in the ego.

They forget that we are all of the same light, we are just focused in different directions, with different lenses.

So in this sense, our minds are tools for us to focus our energy and life experience in order to help create more effectively.

In today’s world, we live in the information age.  Many describe it as the “attention economy”; we are constantly exposed to large amounts of news, advertising, scientific discoveries, education and more through television, radio, and especially the internet.

In an effort to function with all this information, our minds filter things out for us.  They create meaning, save it to memory, and then move on to the next thing.  We can call this a “thought program”.  If a similar situation arises again, the mind references the memory and then runs the old program to determine its meaning in order to save mental energy.

For example, when you were a kid, one day you probably looked up at the sky in awe as a giant machine flew through the air with a loud noise.  You later found out that the machine was called an airplane and that it flew through the air with people inside.  Perhaps the next few times one flew by, you pointed and said “airplane.”

Your mind began creating a program for an “airplane flying overhead” so that eventually you would hear the plane flying for a split second and then the program in your mind would run and you would filter out the whole experience so that it was almost completely out of your awareness.  This way, you would be able to focus on more important things like your homework or hanging out with friends.

The problem that many of us have in today’s world of information is that there are so many things we give our attention to, our entire life becomes a series of programs that run inside out mind.

We no longer experience life, we only experience thought programs. 

This is why so many spiritual leader stress the Power of Now.  It is in the moment that you experience life.  It is in being present to the moment that you find your power, your happiness, and your connection to universal energy.  The present is all you have.

The degree to which you are in the present moment is the degree to which you feel alive. 

So how can we tell if our life is becoming a series of thought programs that occur in our mind?

We will feel less connected to source energy.

This will manifest itself as disease (especially cancer), depression, a lack of purpose, a general feeling of unhappiness, a view of the world as a scary or dark place, blame towards God or others, low self-esteem, a scarcity or win/lose mentality, constant judgment and criticism of self and others, constantly experiencing unpleasant people or events, and just about any other negative state of being you can think of.

Do you know why things become boring or routine?  It’s because one has been doing the same things over and over until they are only experiencing programs and not the actual thing anymore.

So what is the way out of it?

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lessons Daily through Your EmailOne way is through what’s called A Course In Miracles.  The course itself, contains three parts: The Text, The Workbook, and the Teacher’s Manual.

The part that I recommend is the workbook.  It has been highly recommended by David Hawkins and many others as the path to healing addictions, physical disease, and many other mental and emotional disorders.

The workbook is not a typical book that explains concepts for you to understand.  It is a series of 365 short lessons that walk you through mental processes that will help you come to sudden realizations to transcend the ego.

It doesn’t give you the answers directly as much as lead you down a path so that you can realize the answers yourself.

It’s sort of like Zen koans:

For centuries, secret doctrines of Zen learning have been transmitted from master to disciple in the form of seemingly absurd riddles called koans. Intense meditation upon these is said to lead to enlightenment.

Zen, of which the koan exercise is a tool, is a Japanese sect of Buddhism, which in spite of having masters and monasteries believes paradoxically that nothing can be taught.

The logical mind is considered to be the greatest stumbling block on the way to satori (enlightenment or a sudden a-ha), as is evident from this koan: A monk was asked to discard everything. “But I have nothing,” he exclaimed. “Discard that too!” ordered his master.

The workbook contains a lesson a day for a full year.  Each lesson requires only a minute or two to read and that you do few simple mental exercises.

It is recommended that you read an introduction to prepare you for the workbook course.  David Hawkins recommend to not use the Course in Miracles Text as the introduction as he says it views ego in a slightly negative light.

If you are new to spiritual concepts such as the ego, then you will probably want to read something like The Peaceful Warrior, The Power of Now, or A New Earth to get a good foundation before you begin.

The reason is because when we start, the ego may convince you that “I don’t need to do this exercise” or “this course seems too weird” or some other rationalization that will stop your progress.

Also, be aware that this course uses common religious terms such as God, Christ, and Salvation.  I can understand if you have some resistance to those terms and religion in general.  This course is aimed at conveying universal spiritual truths to those who are familiar with the Christian Religion.

So if you have yet to make peace with those words, I suggest that you perform TAT on any negative past experiences with religion, parents, authorities, or beliefs that still bother you.  For instance, you can simply hold the TAT pose and say the word “God.”  Then do it again for “Jesus”, “Christianity”, etc until they no longer give you a negative emotional charge.

To begin the course, simply enter your name and email address below and you will receive a lesson a day for the next year.  The email system I use sends them out at intervals that are roughly 1 day apart with a day break before every 10th lesson (in case you fall behind).

Enter your details below to begin:

If you have already started the course, simply choose the lesson you want to start on and you will begin there. (You can also view each lesson via the website here).

I have only just started the course about a month ago but am having some profound realizations already.  Supposedly by lesson 80 or so you may experience sudden physical healings as well.

Make sure you are committed to undertake this and willing to face your ego.  Best wishes on your journey and be sure to post any comments about your experiences below.

By the way, here is a video that gives you a good idea of the benefits people receive after taking the course.  It’s taken from an upcoming documentary about the success of A Course In Miracles:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

How to Build Non-Reactive Emotional Strength Using The Zip Up

April 24th, 2008 by Ryan

Imagine you are out at a bar.  You are playing a friendly game of pool with your buddies; joking around, having a few laughs.  You decide to get up and buy another round of beers. 

Just as you put down the pool stick and turn around, your arm brushes against a guy walking by and knocks his drink all over him.

Before you can even open your mouth, he looks you in the eye, starts cursing, and then pushes you; trying to instigate a fight.  You want to say something but you can't. 

You feel combination of fear, surprise, and uncertainty.  Your body feels begins to tremble just slightly, as if you were just zapped with a jolt of electricity.  You are unable to do anything.  

Luckily one of your friends jumps up in between both of you and calms the other guy down.  The situation has been averted yet you are left with this uneasy feeling of powerlessness. 

You ask yourself, "What just happened?  Why did it rattle me so badly?"

Similar situations have happened to me while I was still learning all this stuff and I always wondered how I could become nonreactive or even empowered in times like those.  In the back of my mind I thought about further training in mixed martial arts; perhaps that would be a way to build power into myself yet was it really the best answer?

What I've realized over the years that the best way to avoid these types of situations is to never attract them in the first place.  The real power is never having to lift a finger since one's own connection to source energy does not lead one towards those type of people. 

In the case that you're still learning about the law of attraction, it's very useful to understand not only what was happening here, but also what is the best way to solidify your own inner emotional strength.

If you've experienced a situation like the one above, you'll know the feeling when another person's negative energy shoots straight into you and throws your entire energy system out of whack. 

This can happen in any type of heated argument; at work, with family, and especially with women.  In moments like these, we can become overpowered by the other person and end up feeling weird and drained.  

It's not just a verbal exchange, it's an energetic exchange. 

Once our energy system is disrupted by an onslaught of negativity, it's much harder to think logically.  If your girlfriend is screaming at you it's hard to consider ideas such as, "Ok, she is throwing my dvds out the window…and my xbox…oh man not my plasma tv.  What belief did that guy in the forum tell me to hold?" 

If your energy system is fried you will be frozen.

What is the best course of action in times like these?  It's not an action as much as a state of being. 

What state of being can we live with so that other people's negative energy does not unbalance us? 

How do we keep our power?

What most people do in these situations is become reactive.  Fight or flight.  Some will fight back and others will give in.  Instead of becoming reactive, a good alternative is to simply remain unaffected and balanced and talk to them.  Your balanced state will outlast their outburst and eventually they can come back down to reality.

How do we achieve this balanced state? 

One way is through an energy technique known as the Zip Up.

The Zip Up
(from Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine)

The Zip Up Energy Medicine TechniqueFrom the book:

"When you are feeling sad or vulnerable, the central meridian, the energy pathway that governs your central nervous system, can be like a radio receiver that channels other people's negative thoughts and energies into you. 

It's as if you are open and exposed. 

The central meridian runs like a zipper from your pubic bone up to your bottom lip, and you can use the electromagnetic and more subtle energies of your hands to "zip it up."  Pulling your hands up the central meridian draws energy along the meridian line."

 The Zip Up will help you:

  • Protect yourself from negative energies
  • Increase your confidence
  • Focus your thinking
  • Instill new beliefs

To Perform the Zip Up:

The Zip Up Donna Eden’s Energy balancing techniqueStep 1) Tap on your collar bone points with your fingers and take a deep breath 

The collar bone point can be found by touching your collar bone and then going slightly in toward the center of your chest until you find a small indentation where the fingers will drop into.

Negative energies can reverse the flow our our meridians leading to emotional imbalances and health problems. 

Tapping these points will reestablish the flow energy to the proper direction.

Zip Up Donna Eden’s Energy medicine clearing technique.Step 2) Place your hand at the bottom of your central meridian which is located at your pubic bone. See 'start' in image.

Step 3)  Take a deep breath in as you simultaneously move your hand with deliberation straight up the center of your body to your lower lip. 

This is called tracing a meridian.  You move your hand either touching your body or 2 inches away from it as you move.  As your hand reaches your bottom lip, gently throw your hand off to the side of your body (as if you were scooping up any negative energy and then throwing it away). 

Repeat three times. 

From Energy Medicine:

"This is the natural direction that the central meridian flows.  By tracing it in this manner, you strengthen the meridian, and the meridian strengthens you.  You can zip up the central meridian as often as you wish. 

Again, remember to breathe deeply as you do so, and you will begin to feel centered, in control, and in your own power.  The energies of a healer's hands emanate an electromagnetic force, and tracing your meridian with your hands moves the energy in the meridian.

The central meridian is highly sensitive to other people's thoughts and feelings as well as to your own.  It also directly affects each of your chakras.  When you are feeling good, it is as if this "zipper" is zipped all the way up and you are protected."

So anytime we feel like another person has intruded or disturbed us, we can use the zip up to remove the unwanted energy and build an emotional shield.

How to Instill Affirmations and Confidence using the Zip Up

The central meridian is also closely tied to our thoughts and feelings which makes it very responsive to hypnosis.  A powerful way to instill affirmations such as "I am confident" is to simply state them mentally when you are zipping up and imagine the belief entering all of your cells in your body. 

You can even imagine you are locking the energetic zipper in place and hiding the key (as this prolongs the effect).

I have done this technique probably a couple hundred times and I have found it to be extremely powerful at centering my emotional state.  I have used it before playing sports, before or after going to bars and clubs, and many times just to start the day with a good affirmation. 

It's a great way to counter the negative spiral of the mind if it begins to worry.  

This technique is just like working out at a gym.  You don't go once and say "well I'm glad that's over with," you keep doing it to build strength.  It's the same with this technique. 

Do it consistently and you workout the energetic part of your body.  The more you do it, the more your body will be zipped up and you will be less and less affected by others emotional outbursts. 

Eventually you will have full control of your power and will be "The Oak Tree".

If others get crazy, you will be completely at peace and can usually laugh it off or deal with it calmly and with a clear thought process.  Their energy will not be able to penetrate you at all and therefore your power will be maintained to a very high degree.

You have about a day or two to remove other people's energy using the zip up, if it's been longer than that, you will want to use TAT to clear them away. 

It's so good, I sometimes feel like I'm cheating. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think.