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Uncover Your Hidden Masculine Gifts in Sex, Work, & Play with Free Trainings from the Ultimate Men’s Summit

July 15th, 2011 by Ryan

How do we become the ultimate confident, mature, loving man that others respect and admire?  

What are the big mistakes and pitfalls that most men make along the way?  

Are there any older, wiser, men that can show us how exactly to do it?

In our culture, one of the things that many of us guys are missing in our life is a group of men that can show us the way to true manhood.

I'm not talking about getting wasted on the weekend with some buddies, or watching football and bumping eachother's chests after a touchdown (although that can be fun)..I'm talking about answering deep questions like

  • "What is my purpose?"
  • "What am I here to do?"
  • "Why do I feel such grief/rage/apathy?"
  • "How do I conquer my own deep-seeded fears?"

A couple weeks ago, an incredible event took place called the Ultimate Men's Summit.

Ultimate Mens Summit

It featured over 90 men's teachers, trainers, and leaders, all focused on the topic of what is means to be a true man in this age. 

Speakers include Robert Bly (author of Iron John), Robert Moore (author of King, Warrior, Lover, Magician), Dan Millman (author of the Peaceful Warrior), Dr. Paul (from David D's Deep Inner Game),  Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, and a bunch of others.  

I just found out about it, so while the event is over, all the 50 hours of training is still available for immediate download…at no cost.

I'm not sure how long they are going to leave it up, but I would jump in there and grab it while you can.

Check it out here:

If you want to discuss any of the topics from the recordings, feel free to shoot me a comment below with your comments or questions.

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10 Responses to “Uncover Your Hidden Masculine Gifts in Sex, Work, & Play with Free Trainings from the Ultimate Men’s Summit”

  1. Luke Says:

    Be a man of a value, rather than a man that posses money – that my motto.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Hey Luke,

    Absolutely, become a man that creates value in every interaction he finds himself in, that’s what it all boils down to. There’s nothing wrong with money as long as we remember where the REAL value is.

    Money is a symbol of wealth useful for exchange…. the real value lies in what is being exchanged. If you just go out and steal a bunch of money it will feel empty because there’s no value in it whereas when you create true value, you feel fulfilled because you are in the process of creating and the money is an effect of that creation.

  3. Pat Says:

    All that training is extremely valuable. We as men have begun to lose our masculinity. I’m not talking about a macho attitude, just the components that make us men and the strengths we bring to the table. Too often we are made to feel guilty for who we are and the “oppression” the male gender has brought into this world.

  4. Kathreen Smeyer Says:

    It seems this training is very effective. I will recommend this training for my husband.

  5. Danica Schelts Says:

    It is really nice to have a sexy and beautiful body. Men who are body conscious as well like women also want to have a sexy body. I would definitely introduce the ultimate men’s summit to my men’s friends.

  6. Cassandra Park Says:

    It cannot be avoided if sometimes we feel anxious because we are only humans. But there is another way to overcome it and I am very thankful for your wonderful post.

  7. Amanda Baldwin Says:

    I think my husband need this one. I will let my husband join this one.

  8. Valarie Kings Says:

    This is an important thing for men. I think my husband will like the idea. I guess he knows nothing about it:)

  9. Shannon Telch Says:

    I want my husband to engage on this. It is very interesting to take. I will encourage my husband and my brother on this…..:)

  10. Sandy Vanhoey Says:

    This is nice. Is this still available? My husband is perfect here.

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