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10 Powerful Tools for Connecting with the Energy of Money

October 1st, 2008 by Ryan

Can we be rich and spiritual at the same time?

If money is just energy, how can we connect with that energy and bring more of it into our lives?

If abundance is a state of mind, what roles does the economy and the outside world play?

I am beginning to realize that, in the words of Wallace Wattles, "There is only abundance".

There is only abundance, without exception, in every case.

Those who have lots of money are abundant in money.  Those who have little money are abundant in the amount of space to realize money; in the opportunity to receive it. 

In the second scenario, this means we will still have an inner journey ahead of us; one in which we come to terms with our own abundance

Not attain it, not find it, but come to terms (it's an internal process).

Ok, so if we are abundant in the opportunity to receive money, how do we take advantage of this opportunity?

This is where the outside world comes into play.

Everything outside of us; our jobs, our credit, our bills, our lifestyle, the economy, all of that is the platform for us to realize our abundance.

It's the means by which we let go of all stressful, fear-inducing thought patterns and step into a state of inner peace and abundance (which is then reflected in our outside world in the form of money and other blessings).

This means that everything that is causing us stress is here to help us. 

Help us do what exactly?

To help us release our attachments; to release all conditions that we have set up for us to be happy (ie I need a nice car to be happy, I need x amount of money to feel safe, I need to live in this city before I enjoy my life etc).

The conditions themselves block our happiness and well-being and money. 

When we stifle our happiness, we are stifling the very core of our attraction power; our emotional state.

All that comes to us, comes in response to our emotional state.

There is nothing so great that we should sacrifice our own emotional well-being for it.

This is the core lesson that the universe is trying to help us realize.

The universe is infinitely kind; it will remove from our life anything that causes us stress.

If dealing with money causes us stress, the universe will stop sending us money.

If our mortgage is causing us stress, the universe will remove our house so we don't have to pay it.

A while ago, I experienced this first hand. I had a Palm Treo cell phone.  Over the 2 years I had it, I began to dislike it more and more; it was hard to hear people, it constantly dropped calls, and it was big and clunky.  

Of course, it did other cool things but my attention was fixed on the problems it had.

Then one morning I woke up to find my phone unresponsive…and wet.  The maid who had just come, and while cleaning the room earlier, must have dropped it in her cleaning bucket then put it back on the counter.

At first, when I realized what had happened, I began to get frustrated and felt the urge to blame her, yet I knew all too well this had been an honest mistake on her part. 

It was more true that this was a manifestation of my emotional state towards the phone: I had thrown it out in my mind a long time ago.

So I took responsibility for bringing this experience into my life, forgave myself (and the maid), and got a new smaller phone which I now really enjoy.

So the key for abundance is to find all the areas in our life where our emotional state is compromised, and as Abraham says, "clean it up".

We clean it up by taking responsibility for everything that is currently in our life, being honest with ourselves, forgiving ourselves and anyone we blamed (including governments and corporations), letting go of limiting beliefs and scarcity thinking, and cultivating an attitude of giving and of being of service.

Granted, this is a lot of work and, in the past, many people have spent entire lifetimes truly learning just one of these lessons.

Luckily for us, it's different.

We have at our disposal, powerful tools that allow us to change ourselves at a deep energetic level.

We have access to the greatest wisdom in the world in the areas of wealth and abundance.

We have the proof that it works by being exposed to all those who have put these tools to the test…and best of all, much of this knowledge is free; a gift to us.

Listed below are the many tools available to you to begin this journey of realizing your own abundance.

These are the same tools that I have been using to create a healthy, appreciative relationship with money.

Find the ones that resonate with you and let me know any lessons you learn or experiences you have along the way that may be helpful to myself or others.

The list starts with some books, then goes into audio and videos resources.

1. The Science of Getting Rich – In this 1910 classic, Wallace Wattles guides you through a practical process for becoming rich that "works every time", like a science.

The science of getting rich by wallace wattlesOne of the core ideas of the book is that becoming rich is the noblest thing you can do, for it is by becoming rich that you allow your true spirit to have fullest expression.

For those who grew up with beliefs that it is noble to be poor or that being rich is not spiritual, this is a definite must-read.

This is the same book that inspired Rhonda Byrnes (creator of The Secret) and many others to become wealthy.  Since it has passed its copyright, the book is available for free: Download The Science of Getting Rich PDF.

There is also a free audio book version available courtesey of blogger Mike Dewitt: Download The Science of Getting Rich AudioBook

2. Think and Grow Rich – American billionaire Andrew Carnegie wanted to capture the formula for wealth once and for all.  So he commissioned a young man by the name of Napoleon Hill to interview the richest men across the world. Although he was to do this for over 20 years without pay, he would be allowed to keep the research as his own.  

Think and grow rich by napoleon hillNapoleon Hill took him up on the offer and his resulting decades of work was condensed into this book.

This is the classic book that started the personal development wave having sold over 50 million copies and inspiring many along the way.

The great thing about this book is that it puts the power of wealth within reach no matter who you are.  

Included are many concepts and exercises that form the foundation for most modern personal development and wealth creation programs (such as visualizing, creating a mastermind group, leveraging imagination, desire and faith and many more).

This book is also available for free: Download Think and Grow Rich PDF

Also, there is a free audiobook version available at Live the Power: Access Think and Grow Rich Free Audiobook

3. The Energy of Money – Written by psychologist turned spiritual teacher, Maria Nemeth.  This book features a comprehensive guide to removing many of the major blocks to money (such as dealing with the monkey mind/ego, forgiving ourselves and others, getting in touch with our integrity and many more).  

The Energy of Money by Maria NemethMainly, it helps us become aware of all the areas in our life that drain our money energy and how we can turn it around so that these situations support us instead.

The book features examples of people from her class and how they handled their money issues using techniques in her book.  

The good thing about this book is that it has you do lots of exercises (inner work) and offers plans of action that you can implement immediately to clean up your money energy.

4. The Attractor Factor – Written by Joe Vitalie (featured on The Secret) is a simple and spiritual guide to putting the law of attraction into action. 

the attractor factor by joe vitalieEach chapter keys in on powerful spiritual principles for using the Law of Attraction along with Joe's personal stories and experiences to illustrate each concept.

I like this book because it's an easy and enjoyable read and there are a couple techniques that alone have tremendous value (such as a process for scripting out what you want to manifest like it is a scene in a movie).

Also, I just like Joe Vitalie's attitude and energy.  He is very laidback and easy going and always hits on important points in a way thats easy to take in.

5.  Attracting Abundance with EFT – In this ebook and audio program, Carol Look provides step-by-step instructions for nearly 60 different EFT Exercises and hundreds of Choice Statements to release any blocks or limiting beliefs you might have to receiving wealth and joy in your life. 

attract money and abundanceI have watched some of Carol's work in the old EFT training videos and she has a very practical, no-nonsense type of approach to getting these types of issues handled.  She seems to just laser in on the issue and clear it, yet in an easy manner.  I highly recommend giving her program a try, especially since it incorporates the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

6. Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay – One day my aunt came over and said to me "Hey, an old bookstore nearby is going to be torn down and they have to get rid of all their old books, come with us."

Although I didn't particularly want to go, I felt in that instant like spirit was speaking through her urging me to go.

So I did and when I arrived I sorted through old dusty piles of books until this one jumped out at me.  I quickly took it home and dove into it.  

even mystics have bills to pay by jim rosemergyThis book has turned out to be the most profound book about riches I have ever read (so far). 

The spiritual concepts in here are so simple yet profound and counter-intuitive, I was totally blown away.  There were many times I had to stop reading completely and absorb what was written.

The core idea of the book is to help the reader to internalize the wealth consciousness at the deepest level of their being.

For those that are new to the study of abundance and spiritual concepts, I'd recommend reading some of the other books listed first because the ideas in here may not be understood in the right context.

Also, this book approaches spirituality using religious terms like God, Jesus, Christ, and quotes stories from the Bible (which works well since they are all very relevant to each lesson).  

So if you have any resistance towards religion, I suggest cleaning that up before tackling this one, that way you can get the essence of the paradigm shifting concepts presented in it.

7. The Prosperity Podcast – Another valuable resource is the Prosperity Podcast with Julia Tindall and Ira Ellenbogen.  

Each week they pick a new topic to cover in regards to living with a wealth consciousness such as overcoming limiting beliefs, cleaning up stuck money energy, healing guilt about past money issues, learning how to give and receive in ways to enhance prosperity and more.

The Prosperity Podcast with Julia Tindall and Ira EllenbogenJulia Tinall is a Jnana Yoga instructor (yoga of the mind) and the author of 20 Questions for Enlightened Living. 

She provides many key insights into adopting an attitude of abundance and provies specific tasks for the listener to complete at the end of each lesson.

Throughout it all, Ira asks her pertinant questions and shares his own stories and realizations as he learns them with Julia.

This podcast is over a year old so there are a ton of episodes (over 75 so far, all free) which you can begin listening to right away.

The best way to get them is to open iTunes, go to the iTunes store and search for "Prosperity Podcast" then subscribe to it and download all the episodes at once.  

Another way to get them is to visit their website and subscribe through their podcast service, Podbean: The Prosperity Podcast

The best thing about the podcast is that you expose yourself to a high vibing discussion about wealth on a regular basis, kind of like your own virtual wealth mastermind group.

You can listen to the first episode here:



8. Use E.F.T. to Clear Away Financial Stress and Create Emotional Stability

I recently found an excellent resource for utilizing EFT to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs about money.  

EFT is a form of meridian energy therapy that allows you to balance your emotions by tapping on different acupressure points along your body (similar to acupuncture but using your fingers rather than needles).

The resources I found are free tap-along videos created by David Childerly of MyGenie TV, intended to clear your energy system and remove any stress relating to money and finances.  

In each of the videos, you simply tap where David taps and say what he says. 

The process of clearing your energy system is like hitting reset on your emotions.  Your emotional state is like a magnet, attracting different people and situations into your life.

Emotions of fear and worry pull in exactly what the fear is centered around (ie fear about being poor brings in poverty) and likewise, emotions of appreciation for abundance brings in more wealth and abundance.

Also, when we are in a state of fear, we trigger fight or flight chemicals in our body which reduce blood flow to the front of the brain (resulting in poor logic and reasoning) and lowers our immune system.

This is why it's vital that we cultivate a positive and healthy emotional state.

The videos below are a great start to this process:

Intro to EFT & Creating Abundance via Law of Attraction

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

EFT Tapping to Create Abundance via Affirmations

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

EFT Tapping to Create Law of Attraction Mindset 

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

How To Overcome Debt & Stress Using The Balance Procedure

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

EFT 1 Minute Stress Buster

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Use EFT Tapping to Create Abundance and Re-encode Your Mind

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Click Here for Part 2 (subscription required)

David also offers downloadable videos on weight loss, men's sexual issues, law of attraction affirmations, and many more from his website, MyGenie TV.

9. The Teachings of Abraham: Money and Abundance

teachings of abraham money and abundance hicksThis is the latest book released by Jerry and Esther Hicks featuring the wisdom of Abraham and is centered on tuning your vibrations to welcome money and abundance into your life.

Abraham is a group of non-physical beings who speak through Esther Hicks on topics such as the laws of the universe (law of attraction, law of deliberate creation, and law of allowing), relationships, emotional strength, and many more.

I consider Abraham to be the highest source of wisdom in my own life of any teachers I have found.

Their teachings are clear, concise, and always improve my energy.

I just ordered this book so I haven't had a chance to read it but pretty much everything I've heard from Abraham is of very high quality and I trust that this will be no different.

In addition to their latest book on money and abundance, they have many others cds and dvds available on their site:

Below are some videos taken from their live workshops that you may find applicable when trying to get yourself into a better emotional state around money:

Abraham – Money and The Law of Attraction

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Abraham – On The World's "Financial Crisis"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Abraham – Money and the Manager

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Click Here to view more videos from Abraham


10. The Work of Byron Katie on Money

I recently wrote how you can let go of any stressful thought by asking yourself the 4 questions of The Work of Byron Katie.

The Work of Byron KatieThe Work is a process of questioning your thoughts, also known as inquiry. 

Our minds create meaning out of everything; it's a survival mechanism. 

The problem arises when we assign a meaning to something that's not true.

This is what Byron Katie calls an "insane thought." 

It's a thought that argues with reality.

How can we tell if we are believing an insane thought?

Are we feeling stress?  If so, then we are believing an insane thought; we are attached to a specific meaning that just isn't true.

As Byron Katie says, "Reality is always kinder than the stories we tell about it."

If we are experiencing stress about money and financial issues, then its time to question our thoughts and the stories we keep tell ourselves.

So, to get the most out of the videos below, make sure you've read the Introduction to The Work in my earlier post and come back to these videos.

You Need More Money, Is That True?

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

"I Don't Like to Lose Money"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

"I Need to Give My Son Money"

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Fear of The Future

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

For more information on Byron Katie, Visit

There you have it.  I hope you find some of these tools beneficial on your journey to realizing greater wealth and abundance.  

If you have any additional resources that you use, feel free to add them in the comments below.  

Sat Nam! 

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  1. Marcus Says:

    Excellent article. Will definitely hunt down some of these books.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Wonderful article and beautiful website! I love that line, that the Universe is ultimately kind and will remove whatever is causing us pain or stress… And, thank you for Byron Katie. She is powerful and I didn’t know her work. I will add her to our website.

    I wanted to alert your readers, that most of your sources are available in synopsis form at

    Coming soon is Thomas Troward. It was interesting that his work, The Creative Process in the Individual is similar to Byron Katie.

    Anyway, thanks again,

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    Here is a great guy you should listen to also. I listen to his podcast all the time.

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  4. Omer Says:

    Great one!
    I’m amazed that you never mention the Sedona Method or Release Technique in these kind of posts, these are the best and most proven tools for this kind of inner work. Is it possible that you never heard about them or didn’t try? They are the simplest and most practical I can think of, much more simple than EFT and much more to the point than Byron Katie.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Right on Marcus,

    Hi Nancy, glad to hear it. I just checked out your site and you’ve got some incredible content on there. I’ll have to dive in more and see what other resources you have that might be of use to the yang town readers.

    Hey Travis, thnx for the tip.

    Omer, Yeah I’ve tried the sedona method and I understand how powerful it can be but I haven’t really resonated with it up to this point and I only recommend resources that I have experience with (hence the word wisdom rather than knowledge in the blog tagline). I am open to it so perhaps in the future I will write about it once I get some use with it.

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    unfortunately i’m not stressed yet. but will try them out asap.

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  12. Ryan Says:

    Hey Dr Post, cool man, yeah its my pleasure. Yemoonyah, thats great, the prosperity podcast has some great material. Bob, lol, i think its a good thing that you’re not stressed…but yeah keep it as another tool in the emotional toolbelt.

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  14. james Says:

    Very robust list of resources you got here. I am familiar with most of these resources as I have collected a lot of material in these areas of development. The one by Abraham Hicks and Esther are essentially one of the best materials I’ve ever encountered. I am still figuring out why Oprah have not featured them on her show.

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    This is a really comprehensive list! Thanks! I love EFT, and all of these resources seem valuable. We are abundant . . .

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