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Learn Gi Gong for Strength, Longevity, and Endurance

If you're like me, physical exercise is probably a part of your self improvement and health plans.  For most guys, weight training and cardio exercises are the basic pathway for most guys to "get in shape."  

I've always asked myself, "how effective are these workouts?"  Often times after heavy lifting I would feel completely drained and many times after running I would feel worn out or sick.

What I've learned through my research with books, health practitioners and Eastern teachers is that although these typical types of workouts can improve your health, they can be inefficient or may even take more energy then they give depending various factors such as your body type, blood type, current health and so on.  

I've also realized that eastern studies of Gi Gong (also known as Chi Kung) are much more comprehensive in terms of whole body health (emotions, internal organs, muscles, circulation, energy, everything) compared to traditional types of exercise.

The videos below give you a quick background on what Gigong is and how it can drastically improve your health.
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Here is a video demonstration of a Gi Gong Exercise called "WuJi Swimming Dragon":
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"To be balanced, your body must be strong and smooth as well as flexible and relaxed.

World-renowned qigong master guides you through a series of exercises to increase vitality through balancing your body's yin and yang energy.

Hard qigong builds strength in the muscles and ligaments, develops flexibility and improves endurance.

Soft qigong awakens the flow of qi, promoting longevity, coordination and good health of the spine."

Feel free to comment below with your own experiences or questions about Gi Gong.

[Update: I just realized that I misspelled Gi Gong throughout this whole article.  The correct spelling is actually Qi Gong or QiGong.] 

14 Responses to “Learn Gi Gong for Strength, Longevity, and Endurance”

  1. Meditation Balls Says:

    Practitioners of qigong also used metal balls believed to help ensue the flow of Qi through the body. How to use meditation balls

  2. Reiki Says:

    I am impressed with the art at the top of this page- very well done. Puts me in the meditation state!

    Reiki’s last blog post..Information About Reiki Therapy

  3. Ryan Says:

    Thanks, thats pretty much what I was going for 🙂

  4. Dr. Bruce Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I love the idea that you are focusing your site on men’s issues related to the Oriental healing arts. And the site looks pretty cool as well!

    Although I’ve studied 38 styles of qigong over the past 40 years or so, I haven’t studied the one you mention here. I’ve read some of Dr. Yang’s excellent books on TaiJi, but not his qigong materials. If the qigong DVD is anywhere near as good as his other works, it will be outstanding!

    Thanks for a great resource online!

    Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD

    Dr. Bruces last blog post..The Fourth Secret of Qigong… Breath

  5. Ryan Says:

    Hi Dr Bruce,

    Thanks for the good words. Yeah I actually haven’t tried this gi gong dvd yet. I’m learning a lot from mantak chia at the moment and I’m sure I’ll come back to this page and update it with more info. Thanks for the link to your site on gi gong info. Take care.

  6. Longevity Malc Says:

    Good point that working out hard can also tire the body. I am sure that systems such as Qi Gung and Yoga are more effective and more gentle on the body.

    Looks like a good DVD.



  7. bob house Says:

    I would like Qi Gung to be a part of my everyday life. I guess i need to find a style i’m comfortable with first

  8. Ryan Says:

    Cool to hear Malc. Bob, yeah thats what it all comes down to, finding something that resonantes with us. At the moment I am actually more into kundalini yoga which is good as well.

  9. ronald_alsons Says:

    I’m fascinate with this workout program. Probably it might be effective for the weight loss and shape of men. I’m interested with the workouts because aside of physical activity with the muscle, it also include emotions, internal organs, circulation and others where also developed.

  10. James Wayt Says:

    I’m 54 years old with a desk job. I need to exercise to lose weight. My problem is whatever I do needs to be low in impact (knees, ankles etc…). I assume this might be a good option for me. Would that be a correct assumption?

  11. Jake Lewis Says:

    Mens issues are sometimes always concentrated on the ego of men.~::

  12. Matilda Mitchell Says:

    men’s issues are always about money, career and women. those sort of things.*~`

  13. roelkers Says:

    Today Chi kung qigong has become the popular technique which teaches you how to adjust your posture and movements, how to regulate your breathing and how to adjust mental concentration. Chi kung qigong integrates and gets all the three adjustment into one. There are four type of this 5000 year old qigong for health or Chi power technique being introduced throughout the world by various health bodies and associations. If involved in your daily routine for about 20-25 minutes this ancient form of exercise will reduce the stress, increase and promote your energy and overall health.

  14. Sheridan Berry Says:

    “…physical exercise is probably a part of your self improvement and health plans.”I agree with you. Just a few months ago, I started to perform regular exercises to better improve my body and health condition. It’s a matter of commitment and dedication. Once you start, there are just two options to choose from: quit or finish.

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