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Journey to Yang Town

You awaken to a bright shining light.  As your eyes focus, you clearly see the rays of light cutting through a flurry of tree branches.  You realize you are lying on your back on the soft grass.

As you stand up, you begin to take in your surroundings; you are in a wide open field with plenty of green grass.  Right beside you stands a large oak tree, the only one in the whole field.  In the distance you see a small bridge slightly curving over a stream.  As you look up to the clear blue sky, you feel a sense of inner peace and strength.

You begin to walk towards the bridge with curiosity, eager to see what awaits beyond.  As you come closer to the bridge you see a man standing at the entrance.  He is cloaked in a brown robe with a hood covering his head and hands joined across his torso, yet concealed in his garments like a monk.

You notice a curved white symbol attached to a necklace around his neck.  Judging from the style of the bridge, the type of clothes of the man and the symbol on the necklace, it seems that you have arrived in some part of ancient Japan.  “Who are you?” You ask the man.

He pulls back his hood and carefully observes you.  You are surprised to see that he is a westerner, about 6 feet tall with light skin, brown hair and a strong build.  “I’m glad you have chosen to come here.”  He answers.  “come this way, your journey begins today.”
Without waiting for a reply he turns and walks slowly and deliberately in the opposite direction .  Confused and excited, you decide to follow him over the bridge to the other side of the stream.  “Not many make it this far.”  He continues.  “It is up to you now.”  You reply,  “What is up to me?”  He looks deep into your eyes, as if trying to access your soul.  “The answers will come.”

You find the path leads you to a tall brown building, a temple.  As you reach the building the man stops at the front steps and turns to you.  “My name is Randolph.  I’m here because of an intense transformation that took place years ago.  At that time I had bonded myself to a woman.  Things started off with some much love and happiness but this was only the surface.  As we gave ourselves fully to one another, we realized that inside of us dwelled pain and insecurity.  Anger, fear, and sadness ensued and we had to painfully break apart.

Through this experience, I awoke to life and created this temple as a place to reconnect with my inner being.  Your awareness has likewise led you here, to the opportunity to transform yourself faster and more powerfully than ever before.  Please, step inside.”

He motions toward the nearby stairs leading up into the doors of the temple.  You walk up, grab the handles of the doors, and swing them open then step inside. You face a large room, similar to a museum, however instead of works of art you see something else.

You squint your eyes as you look around in disbelief.  There are dozens of people, each standing in their own area, speaking off to the distance to an imagined audience.  You look closer and it seems like each once is transparent, like a hologram, and you realize that they are the exhibits.

You walk up to one and stand besides his holographic image as he continues speaking to the distance.  He is very old, has light wrinkled skin and gray hair, and seems to be of western descent.  On the wooden floor below him, you see a sign engraved with the following “David Hawkins: Spritual Leader.”

“I’ve sought out wisdom from all ends of the world and brought them here.  Dr. Hawkins is but one of my ‘mentors.’  This dojo allows access to powerful knowledge.  Knowledge that I’ve used to create my life the way I desire to live.  Come here anytime and you may share in the knowledge as well.

Right now I am on the path of masculine power, I am cultivating all the inner strength of a true yang man and living my deepest purpose.  By joining me today, you embark on a similar journey of self discovery.  It is now up to you to move beyond your old self….and find your true self.



To purchase this audio (entitled “Gentle Energy”), click here: Tai Chi by Harvey Summers or Search iTunes for “Spiritual Vitamins Vol 7 Tai Chi” by Harvey Summers.

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  2. Tomas Says:

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    Yes I am, and I have even put you on my blogroll already.
    Thank you for that possibility. I am looking forward to you.


  3. Fredesk (Wawaron) Says:

    Your site has very beautiful design. This music is perfect for my ears… Thank you for that.


  4. Julia Stonestreet Smith Says:

    i’m glad i found you!

    timely too…

    i used to teach a workshop for men called UNDERSTANDING WOMEN.

    the whole basis of the workshop was that women are CRAZY from a male perspective.

    it was tremendous fun and i miss it.

    thanks for reawakening my interest in all things MASCULINE


  5. Kevin Says:

    Like any worthy journey one undertakes, it may not be apparent at the time how and why you have gotten to where you are…and that is how I explain I how I found this website. It radiates beliefs that I have attained, Tao, and of living in the moment. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Ryan Says:

    Fredesk, glad you liked it.
    Julia, that’s pretty funny, women do seem crazy on the surface but once you start to look at it from the other point of view, everything makes much more sense. Happy to have you here.
    Kevin, so true, it takes a lot of trusting in the universe and listening to that little voice that tells you to push on when there is no apparent goal in sight, then you find the pot of gold on the other side of life’s mountain.

  7. Bruno Says:

    Felt like was happening! amazing!

  8. David Says:

    Love the music. Sweetness to my ears. Do you know of Ki power?

  9. Ryan Says:

    Bruno, cool 🙂

    David, yeah the music is really relaxing and mystical. I’ve got a few requests for a download link so I’ve posted it up here. I haven’t heard of Ki power though it sounds interesting.

  10. Jason Says:

    Have you ever tried scriptural meditation. I like Psalms 23. It has literally led me to visions and encounters with Jesus. Very cool stuff.

    Jason’s last blog post..Great Link Building Tool

  11. Ryan Says:

    Hey Jason, I have not tried any scriptural meditations but it sounds pretty cool.

  12. Annie Maloney Says:

    Amazing. Your site is awesome. I really like the design. Particularly the header and the background.

  13. Ryan Says:

    Hi Annie,

    Thanks for the compliments on the design 🙂

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  15. Camilla Says:

    This is perhaps the best blog design I have ever seen. I just adore the music and the picture on the top is so beautiful. I used to meditate a lot and I sort of fell out of it. But once I ran across this blog it made me think twice about getting back into meditating.

    Camillas last blog post..Modetøj til store piger.

  16. Best Man Says:

    I just loved the blog design ! Its really different. I’m not sure if you should put the music if your not that sure of it.

    The article was a good read too and I had a good time.

  17. Ryan Says:

    Hi Camilla, Thanks 🙂 The design was actually inspired one night after meditating so perhaps some of the energy from the design got to ya. Hey Best man, thanks for the good words too.

  18. Daniel Says:

    help. How can I have this ebook?
    The sistem gives me an error after I click on the button “Send me my ebook”

  19. Ryan Says:

    Try it again and see if it works. Once in a while it won’t connect but give it time and it should.

  20. binaraga Says:

    whoa… i’m hypnotized 😀
    anyway, very good post!

  21. GiveBackToYourself Says:

    Yang town… nice name… does sound interesting, I must say that you have touched me… and I look forward to reading more about this… I love the concept.

  22. mallikarjuna raju Says:

    nice music i listened today-

  23. Ryan Says:

    You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…muahah. 😉 Glad you guys enjoyed it.

  24. james Says:

    Have you ever considered training yourself in hypnosis? Your writing is fantastic, and you’d EASILY master the art of therapeutic metaphors, trance induction, and hypnotic suggestion. Nice stuff! I love the way you write. Captivating.

  25. Heather @ Mortgage Loan Modification Says:

    I know the website is spiritual wisdom for men but a lot of the information could pertain to women too. I agree with the guy above the writing is fantastic.

  26. Kelly @ Zen Alarm Clocks Says:

    Wow! Nice music. In our busy lives that we all lead, isn’t it nice to just relax and meditate daily. Even 5 minutes at night or in the morning before you start your day. I think our world needs a little more quiet time and less stress. I will check back often, so much to read!

  27. jemie Says:

    this is serious… you are very good at this..

  28. Gina Brock Says:

    I keep listening to the news speak about this stuff so I have been looking around for the best site to get info.

  29. Erin Friou Says:

    Feel the Trance Energy 🙂 Trance Energy 2010 was insane

  30. ashley Says:


  31. Vernie Macabeo Says:

    The person who wrote this is really inspired and motivated to express what he really feels. His words are very inspiring and interesting.

  32. hats shop for you Says:

    Have you ever considered training yourself in hypnosis? Your writing is fantastic, and you’d EASILY master the art of therapeutic metaphors, trance induction, and hypnotic suggestion.

  33. Ryan Says:

    Thanks, I actually turned this journey into a meditation in my upcoming Sexual Mind Mastery traininig program for men.

  34. Anurag Says:

    I’m impressed, really impressed.
    Wonderful piece of information. You have done a lot of research.
    Can you tell me what music is playing in this article.

    thanks for your wonderful initiative.

  35. vlad Says:

    You sure know how tell a story. Thank you for enticing me. I work in advertising, so this is a fresh, novel approach. Love it. Love the music too.

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