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How to Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety with EFT

March 1st, 2011 by Ryan

It's my junior year in college.  I'm in my business management class and about to give a class presentation.  I stand up and walk to the front of the classroom.

I plug in my flash drive into the school's computer, and pull up my powerpoint on the overhead projector.  I take a deep breath and start my presentation.

The report is on human resources…probably the most boring topic (at least how it was being taught here). 

As I start to explain all the elements of successful human resource, I think to myself, "ok, so far so good, keep going".

I get through 1 slide, 2 slides, 3 slides…I get more than halfway through when suddenly…I start to lose my voice

My throat gets dryer and dryer.  I cough and  regain my composure and keep going.  

Soon the coughing starts again, this time my throat is so dry I can't even swallow.  I try to speak but my voice comes out in broken, crackled sounds.

"No! What the hell is happening!?" I think to myself.  My face get flushed and I start to panic. 

I have no choice but to concede and admit defeat. 

I excuse myself in mid presentation to go outside and get some water and regain myself.  

All the embarrassment, nervousness, and self-consciousness, hit me like a ton of bricks.

I thought I had come so far. 

I thought all that shyness was behind me. 

I thought I had successfully stuffed it back into the deep recesses of my mind, to live as a faint memory…

I was wrong.

The shyness that had bothered me all through my elementary school days was alive as ever; it just happened to come out on special occasions…lucky me.

It wasn't until several years later that I actually discovered a process to actually CLEAR the shyness and "social anxiety" away…for good.

I had actually stumbled upon a technique that allowed me to heal the source of the shyness and anxiety once and for all.  

The technique worked by stimulating the meridians, which are the energy pathways in the body (similar to blood veins but much smaller), which then cleared away any imbalance that was present; it's the same wisdom behind acupuncture. 

Shyness and social anxiety are simply labels for when we have an energy block in the mouth and throat and an accompanying feeling of nervousness and self-consciousness.  

Once we clear these energy-motions (e-motions) by stimulating the acupressure points, the block is dissolved and the energy flows properly; allowing us to speak clearly and with ease.

In the following 2 videos, I will show you exactly how to use these techniques to clear away shyness and social anxiety on your own, at any time. 

The best part is, once you learn how to do it, you can then apply it to your own specific situation for even better results.

I'll start with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and then follow it up with TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) for a very thorough healing.

If you are new to either EFT or TAT, you may want to read up on them by clicking on the links in the last sentence.

 If you already are familiar with these techniques, or you just want to dive right in, then just start the videos below and tap along with me as we clear away the shyness and social anxiety together.

How to Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety: EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
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[Part 2 removed due to legal reasons]

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or requests (for other issues to clear).


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11 Responses to “How to Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety with EFT”

  1. Acupuncture Highlands Ranch Says:

    Thank you for posting videos and the great information about TAT and EFT. I have been sending acupuncture patients to this site frequently over the past few years and they thank you, too! Patients come back and tell me that their driving anxiety, migraines and headaches, insomnia and the like go away or get better quickly! All the best to you!

  2. Jessica Johnson Says:

    I wish I had know about this yechnique a long time ago. I’ve always had terrible social anxiety. I’ve been on meds for it for a while, but that solution only goes so far. You really can’t medicate yourself out of anxiety. EFT sounds very interesting. Thanks for making me aware of it

  3. socialkenny Says:

    Im a bit confused though as to when the anxiety struck.Was it the 1st time you spoke in a class,or prior?

  4. danica Says:

    You makes More sense than a least he doesnt ask? you hundreds of questions…AND MAKE YOU WORSE..
    thanks a lot for this EFT ….really helpful to a lot of people.

  5. Stratman Says:

    I think there is a difference between having social anxiety and being afraid of public speaking. I am very social but feel like throwing up when having to stand up to speak. I heard that Henry Fonda always threw up before he went on stage so at least I’m in good company.

  6. Katie Says:

    I have suffered with shyness for most of my life and it can get quite awkward in social situations. The video was very easy to follow so I will give this a try as I hadn’t heard of EFT before. Thanks!

  7. Chiropractor Rochester MN Says:

    I’ve heard great things about EFT and know of quite a few people who use it very successfully. I find these techniques fascinating, helping everything from anxiety to stress or even complex health issues. Another very interesting technique that I have learned about and took the time to study is called The Emotion Code. The book teaches you everything you need to know in order for you perform this technique on yourself and those close to you. It has been used to help treat stress, anxiety and many other health issues. Go to: to check this powerful technique out too.

  8. EFT Says:

    Hello Yangtown,
    Thanks for your thoughts I’ve posted a question here about shyness and how to overcome it before. I don’t think I have Social Anxiety Disorder, but I’m curious to see how you identify the two.
    Good Job!

  9. Shantelle Broze Says:

    Thanks for this post. This is really useful through diminishing social anxiety. :0

  10. Tasha Says:

    This really seems to be helping….thanks for sharing this video!

  11. Paul Says:

    I admire people who act confidently on front of the crowd of people. And I’m trying to understand what’s wrong with me. It often happens that I forget what I was going to say if I feel anxious and that irritates me. So I hope that your technique will help!

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