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Listening to Your Inner Voice

August 29th, 2007 by Ryan

I am realizing more the power of following my inner voice.  It's so deep inside that it almost feels like a different person.  Many times I question my inner voice because I don't understand the value of a path it tells me to follow until I have already walked it. 

For example, the other day I was visiting Seattle with my family and my parents ended up going to a jewelry store while my brother and sister and I had some free time so we began walking around.  I took the lead and instantly I felt that small voice subtly urge me (with a gentle feeling rather than with words).

I saw a thrift store across the street and felt it.  My mind told me "maybe I will find something odd or valuable there."  I walked in and looked around, seeing only old books and junk.  The feeling was gone as well.  Instantly some self-doubt popped up, "I guess I imagined that inner voice." 

Just as I stepped back outside, I saw a nearby lamp store named 'en-light-enment' and I again felt that pull, so we walked towards it.  As I was walking up to the front door I noticed directly next door was a herb shop and once again I felt that pull.  I bypassed the lamp store and the three of us walked into the herb store. 

Inside I found a plethora of herbs stacked in jars alongside the wall, next to a library of books on health and some hot tea for store patrons.  We sipped some teas and I picked up a good book called The Green Pharmacy by James Duke. 

As I read through the various herbal remedies it suggested, I recalled that my sister had a very bad bladder infection the night before and we were considering taking her to the doctors if it didn't get better.  I looked up the necessary herbal treatment, consulted with the lady at the store, and bought the book and the necessary herbs for my sister. After a few days of using them, the infection was practically all cleared up and I now had a great book on using herbs as medicine (which I had been thinking about the previous week).

The funny thing is, when we started walking, we couldn't see the herb store from our location.  It wasn't until we had walked across the street and around the corner, that we were able to see the herb store.  That is why my inner voice guided me to the thrift store then to a lamp store.  Had I resisted that feeling and thought "oh there is no reason to go to a thrift store" then I would not have ended up at the herb store.

That is why many spiritual leaders say "surrender to life" or "let life be your guide."  It's just like in The Matrix when the prophet tells Neo he is not "The One" specifically so he could get on the path of becoming "The One." 

Steve Pavlina says it best:

"When you think about what path you’re on, rather than just your current position, you’ll become much more aware of where you really are on a scale of 1-10. Life is a journey, not a destination. When you get stuck at a 7, your path is the problem — it’s your path that’s really a 3 because it isn’t moving you forward….The real 10 is not some position. It’s the path itself. "

I've also become aware that path with my life has changed.  This new path is reflected in the new blog.  Ask yourself if you are on the right path.  Where is this path leading you?  Is it somewhere you want to be?  What path would you like to be on?

When I consider taking advice or training under a "guru" of some sort, I always looks at what their life is like.  It's like a glimpse into the future of that path.  If it's somewhere I would also like to be then I learn as much as I can from that person.

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9 Responses to “Listening to Your Inner Voice”

  1. Ariel Says:

    That’s an awesome story, Ryan, a perfect example of why you should really trust your intuition, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense at first.

  2. Tuplad Says:

    Very very nice story !

  3. JP Says:

    Great post Ryan. It’s so easy sometimes just to tune that inner voice off, a great reminder to remain sensitive to our inner voice.

    JP’s last blog post..Panerai PAM 268

  4. Ryan Says:

    Thanks guys, yes that inner voice is always gently speaking to you; you just have to quiet the mind enough to hear it.

  5. dominik Says:

    Good post.
    What confused me first a little bit was the title. It sounds a little bit like listening to the mindless chatter or inner voice in your head that Tolle describes to be a result of unconsciousness(like thinking worrying or judging all day).

    But after reading the article I realized that you mean the opposite of what I described, more like the greater intelligence that chopra describes.

  6. Ryan Says:

    Yeah exactly, the inner voice as in the voice of spirit rather than the collective ego.

  7. comet herbs Says:

    Great post. I have to agree with the notion that herbal remedies do work. The story is great, made for an amazing morning read. Thank you

  8. dating parents Says:

    i’ve enjoyed some of the readings on this site keep it up

  9. Ryan Says:

    Thanks guys, glad to hear it.

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