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Do or Speak, Do not Think

September 8th, 2007 by Ryan

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you know that took place entirely in your mind?  Did you think about doing something, went through all the details and then said, "That's a great idea, I'll plan to do that later."

Now that I am clearing some of the junk in mind, that voice keeps popping up with great wisdom.  Five minutes ago I began to have a conversation with someone I had recently met in my head.  I kept replaying what I was going to tell them yet I wasn't taking action.  Suddenly the voice tells me:

"Do or speak.  Do not think about doing or speaking."

It's so short and to the point.  There is power in the simplicity.  How much time do we waste in our heads thinking about doing things and what we are going to say.  When we do those things or have the conversations, they are always different anyway so what good was all that thinking

Let go of the thinkingness and allow the presence of the moment to sink in.  If you are in a car, observe the sky, the other cars, the buildings.  If you are in an office, observe the sounds, notice the temperature, feel your chair.  If you are outside, observe the animals, the plants, the sounds.  It really makes time slow down and allows you to enjoy being alive. 

Mark Twain said it best: "I've had thousands of problems in my life, most of which never actually happened."

The Power of Now
If this interests you, grab a copy of the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and try what he recommends.  It's quite a challenge at first but it's really worth it.

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6 Responses to “Do or Speak, Do not Think”

  1. Tuplad Says:

    Wonderful, I love that Mark Twain quote, kills everything 😀

  2. Tomas Says:

    I’m so happy to say that : it’s not me, who says “Hi!”, but “Hi!” comes itself out of my heart now.
    As you say, Do or Speak, Do not Think – wow!
    I’m so happy for my blog have succeeded to arrive at your harbor.
    Hearty welcome from Captain’s bridge!
    The archives of my blog have lots of gifts to you. Just click on the link
    Thank you

  3. Hobo Says:

    You just explained Rock Star Game.

    I didn’t understand RSG until we hung out with Steph.

    Before, I always thought, ‘How can I say whatever’s on my mind AND be really cool and get attraction.’

    But then I noticed that Steph says whatever is on his mind. No tactics. No line. He’s not trying to impress anyone and cashiers would literally be waving good bye to him and invited him back to the store.

    Since then Mileen have really internalized this. We were pretty pleased the first time a HOT, yin waitress ran after us to give us a coupon for “the next time we come.”

    Damn, we’re gonna have to use that coupon.

    I suppose thats a high quality problem.



  4. Ryan Says:

    Exactly. The more you eliminate ego, the more what comes forth from you reflects your being rather than your thinking. It’s awesome. I get glimpses here and there, working on getting it to stick.

  5. Dezzo Says:

    that is a FANTASTIC realiation… i am simpyl in awe about its simplicity… do or speak… do not think…. GENIUS!!!

    Thanks mannn


  6. Shawn Scarpino Says:

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