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New Site is Up: This Blog is now Yang Town

August 16th, 2007 by Ryan

Hey guys, thanks for your patience, I know it was quite a long time though don't worry, it's been worth the wait.  So what is Yang Town and how is it different my old blog?  Yang Town is a blog for men centered around spirituality and self-improvement. 

Topics of interest include chakras, meditation, healing energy, psychology, women, relationships, and masculine embodiment.  The word ‘Yang’ comes from Yin & Yang in which Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine.  Have you taken the Yang Town Journey Yet?  If not click here, then come back to this post.

I envisioned the site design back in January of this year after much meditation.  As soon as I had the idea, I grabbed my notebook and sketched out the concept.  I'm not much of a digital graphic artist, so after the initial sketch, I searched for a high quality illustrator and eventually found a design company from Argentina to help make my vision a reality.

Around this time I began to distance myself from my old blog, dewussified.  I just could not bring myself to post with much passion like before.  It's as if the site was no longer home to me; I just didn't resonate with it anymore.  I looked at the old site in a completely different way. 

To evolve, one should move away from what they don't want and move consciously towards what they want.  You've probably heard this as the law of attraction. 

How have I made this jump in consciousness?  I've radically changed alot of things, everything from the way I eat, my lifestyle, my friends, learning ways to let go of pain and to heal my energy, and especially how to quiet my mind.  There is so much that I've learned in the past year that it will take many upcoming posts to share them all with you. 

So you can expect to see some incredible topics ahead and some really far out ideas.  I'd like to ask that you suspend your beliefs and judgments for a little while and try out a lot of the ideas I put forth.  Most of them can't be understood by the mind, they have to be experienced.

Thanks for sticking with me this far and I wish you the best on your own path.

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3 Responses to “New Site is Up: This Blog is now Yang Town”

  1. Jiffypop-snailman Says:

    Hey Ryan.. looking forward to your new posts…

  2. Secret Simon Says:

    Hi there – I found your blog thro Blog Catlog (you need to update your entry). I have to say that it’s one of the best looking web sites I’ve ever seen. Well done to you and your designer! I really like the music for Yang Town too. I look forward to your new posts. (You may find my blog interesting too. I don’t have the male focus but it may be that some of our other ideas are similar.)

  3. Giacomo Gutts Says:

    hey man, cool design, I like, especially the ‘yang’ 😉

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