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The Role of Action in Using the Law of Attraction

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

The wild success of the film The Secret has inspired millions to begin focusing on using the law of attraction to improve their lives. 

The question many people ask when they begin using their thoughts to change their life is "What about action; don't I have to do something?  Things can't just magically appear, right?"

(In case you aren't familiar with the Law of Attraction, view this post.)

How does action fit into using the law of attractionSo how does action fit with the law of attraction?

I've been wrestling with this idea for quite some time and I am starting to understand the role of action. 

Action is an extension of where your vibration (or level of consciousness) is at any given time. 

The higher your vibration, the more powerful the action and, therefore, the less action you will have to take. 

Think of your life like an apple tree.  If your tree is bearing rotten fruit that is misshapen, distasteful, and attracts flies, what action could you take?

Here is a little story to illustrate this idea.

There were two men each with an apple tree that was producing rotten fruit. 

The first man focused on "fixing the bad applies."  He would go to each one and scrap away the brown spots, kill the flies, and try to make it look good. This would take a long time since he had to do so much work on each apple and there were many apples

He said to others, "This is so much work, life is hard."

The second man approached it from a different perspective.  He let the bad apples be and instead focused for a long time on creating wellness in the tree. 

This reflection lead him to call apple tree specialists, do some research, read some books, all before he took any action specifically relating to the fruit.  He learned about the proper environment apple trees thrive in, how much water they need, how much sunlight, what kind of soil is best for them, and so on.  

So finally, he realized that the apples were rotten because the apple tree needed better soil, more water, and more sunlight.  He adjusted the environment, setup a system to automatically do these things on a regular basis, and then sat back and waited.

During this time, the first man was able to sell many of his "fixed" apples at a decent price while the second man still had all the bad apples that he could not sell. 

The first man turned to him and said "Hey we all have bad apples, you just have to bite the bullet and get to work."

The second man replied, "Perhaps." 

By the time the next harvest came, the first man was able to grow 10 times more apples by hiring more workers who all fixed the apples for him.  His profits per apple were lower but he was producing more so it was ok.   

The second man was able to grow 10 times as many apples as well except he didn't need to hire anyone to fix the apples.  Instead, people paid him higher prices per apple because his fruit tasted so much better. 

They would say, "There is just something about his apples that make them taste so much better." 

He sat back and enjoyed an abundant life.  He didn't need to do as much work because his action focused on the supporting the tree rather than fixing the fruit.

So when it comes to taking action, many of us get caught up in fixing the fruit of our life rather than focusing on the tree or source. Look at the medical industry, they are built around quick fixes that work on the symptoms rather than the cause of illness. 

So if you feel that feeling of "I know I should be taking action to reach my goals but I don't know what to do," don't just take action for the sake of doing something. 

Instead, focus on raising your vibration and energy.  Most of the ways that we raise our vibration are considered "doing nothing", "goofing off" or "being lazy" by society's standards.  These include meditating, listening to uplifting music, petting your dog or cat, playing fun sports, basically anything that gives us that surge of excitement or thrill.  

These types of activities are actually very powerful because they allow more life to flow through you which gives you more energy which allows you to do more and take better action.  They work on the source (you) rather than the fruit (everything outside of you).

Try meditating for 15 minutes a day and asking yourself questions such as "I want to know what the next step is for my goal of ____."  or "I want to know what business to start" or "I want to know what I should do about____."

This is the exact way I created Yang Town.  I realized that I wanted to change the design of my blog and create something better but I had no idea what.  I kept asking myself "What should I create?  What should I name it?"  Within a few weeks the idea of yang town flashed into my mind and I spent the next 8 months or so bringing it to life. 

This is why sometimes I won't post for a week.  If I don't feel like my post will be powerful enough to help others then I don't try to force an article just for the sake of writing.  When I feel like I want to write but I don't know what to write about, I meditate and ask for more wisdom. 

Then at some random time a day or two later, I will get a flash of inspiration and I will write a full article like this one in a couple hours.

When you meditate you are connecting to universal energy and knowledge, which raises your vibrations allowing you to access more powerful thoughts and ideas.

This leads to Inspired Action.  You will know when you receive inspired action because you won't need any motivation to work, you will crave work

You will feel that rush of energy and taking action will feel like the most natural thing.  You probably won't even consider it work because it feels so good to do.

So sure action is a part of the law of attraction and you have to take action for things to manifest.  The part where most people get hung up on, is they worry about what action before they get the inspiration. 

Get the inspiration first, the action will follow. 

I look at the importance of the law of attraction and action like this: Even though the law of attraction will bring me a check in the mail, I still have to take some action to cash it.  

So in this way my highest priority is taking care of my vibration or raising my consciousness. 

Action is the fruit of Vibration. 

So remember, "How can you raise your vibration or consciousness right now?" 

How to Give Advice to Others

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Have you ever seen one of your friends or family doing something wrong and you tried to tell them the "right" way to do it?  Chances are, that they didn't respond to well to your "advice" and even resisted or resented your help.  

Why is it so hard for people to take good advice?  Don't they see you care about them and want the best for them?

I've wrestled with this notion for many years and I finally understand the reason.

The problem is not with the advice, or necessarily the person receiving it; the problem is the way in which it is given.   Let me explain.

It finally clicked after watching the Dog Whisperer on The National Geographic Channel.  The show follows Cesear Milan, a professional dog trainer, while he visits ordinary people who have out-of-control dogs and trains them how to train their dog.

One episode featured a dog that was born with only 2 back legs.  This dog had to hop around using its chest as a front leg and would often lash out at other people (besides the owners) who tried to pet it.

When Cesear heard this, he understood immediately what was wrong.  He said something to the effect of this: "The dog doesn't see itself as handicapped, we do.  The dog accepts himself exactly the way he is.  When other people come to pet him, they start to give him love and affection but then they also bring the energy of "ah, you're handicapped you poor thing" which is a sympathy-type energy.  It's like a mix of love and poison which still ends up being a negative energy."

This is one of the most profound things I've ever heard.  Anytime you are experiencing a negative emotion in response to how a person is or is behaving, you are generating within you an unpleasant energy.

When you feel worry, sympathy, anger, frustration, etc. toward another person, you are creating a negative energy.  When you feel this way and then try to give advice to them, you are trying to give them that energy.

Let me ask you, if someone wanted to give you the energy of guilt, or shame, or worry, would you take it? 

No way.

Does it matter if the energy was spruced up with some helpful words?  Not really.

All words are good for really, is for us to agree on what type of energy we intend to communicate to each other.  The majority of this energy, however, is communicated through our own state (our body language, voice tone, facial expression etc).  Research indicates that up to 93% of communication is through things other than our words.

So while you may be "giving great advice" with your words, your state may be giving something else.

Think back to the last time you tried to give advice to someone.  What was your energy like when you were talking to them?  Was it from a place of love, compassion, and understanding or were you frustrated, angry, or worried about their choice? 

In the words of Abraham, "You can't worry about someone and love them at the same time.  They are two different energies." 

Instead of becoming frustrated or worried, see if you can be completely at peace with where they are and the way they are. 

A good way to start is to summon the energy of compassion: 

1) What part of them can you appreciate in this situation?

2) Once you find it, feel it for a little while until you are feeling love for them.

3) Then look at it from their perspective.  Do you see why they want what they want?

4) Consider these questions: 
Can you honor and accept their choice even if you do not agree with it? 
Do you trust the universe to work out in the end? 
Can you see that what might be right for you may not be right for others?

5) How you can share your perspective while feeling this compassionate energy?

Let me give you an example.  One of my family members recently found out they had high blood pressure.  I knew there were various lifestyle choices she could change immediately to fix the problem.  I wanted to tell her about various foods to eat and which to avoid, I wanted her to start meditating, and so on.

The old me would have became frustrated and said "You have high blood pressure because you eat crappy foods, watch the news all day, and don't exercise." 

Although that is all true, the energy in the statement is a reflection of myself.  It's the energy of blame, guilt, and shame at one's self.  In this moment, I am not accepting myself and I am directing this energy to her by not accepting her where she is. 

My advice to her is actually me trying to save myself.  It's my frustration and blame towards myself, not compassion.

Instead, I understand that at one time I was doing many things that were not very healthy for me.  I also understand that she simply doesn't understand that those activities are unhealthy for her. 

I know that deep down, she wants to heal herself and be healthy and happy.  So I make this last statement the basis for my approach and my energy to her. 

I sit her down and tell some of the things I have recently learned and that if she is interested I could tell her more.  I explain some of ways that I have improved my life through meditation and nutrition and teach her how to use them, all the while feeling love and appreciation for her.

The more I tell her, the more receptive she becomes, and the more committed she becomes. 

This is because I was using the power of example rather than the force of knowledge.

By utilizing this approach, you can improve your communication with your girlfriends, friends, family, coworkers; everyone. 

Remember, all advice you are giving is a reflection of yourself.  By working on accepting yourself fully and completely in this moment, you will better be able to help others do the same.   

If You are Your Thoughts, Then Who’s Listening?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Have you ever been talking with an old friend and they mention some great success they recently had, maybe like getting a high paying job or buying a really nice house when suddenly a thought pops into your head like "that lucky bastard," or "he doesn't deserve that, what gives?"

I know I've been genuinely happy for friends and relatives and these thoughts have still popped up at times.  I used to feel guilty about thinking them and would say to myself, "Jeez, what's wrong with me?  I keep having these jealous thoughts, does this make me a jealous person?"

You are not your thoughts or your ego.The other night I was drifting into sleep when I had one of the greatest realizations in my entire life so far.  My consciousness was dosing off and I was about to fall asleep at any moment. 

My mind was wandering onto this topic and that, when suddenly I was no longer paying attention to the thoughts, but rather, I effectively fell asleep for about 2 seconds. Suddenly, I came back into awareness and since such a short time had elapsed, I was able to recall the last thought that had passed through my mind.

I repeated it in my mind and realized that I was not the one who thought it!

I said to myself, "That thought did not come from me at all, it came from somewhere else, I was asleep at that time."

It was in that moment that I experienced the feeling of separation between who I am and what I am thinking.  I realized that I am not my thoughts; I am the observer of them, the experiencer, the listener.

I felt it at an internal level for just a split second.   The thoughts that manifest inside my awareness are simply thoughts, they are not me. 

I am defined not by what thoughts come into my awareness but by what thoughts I consciously hold onto and act upon.

Having jealous thoughts does not make a person jealous, being jealous makes a person jealous.  The person defines themselves by their conscious action, not random thoughts.  

Likewise, a person who reads a lot about running a business isn't a businessman; the real businessman is the guy out there cold calling, dealing with customers and creating new products.  

It sounds so obvious yet this is a huge disconnect in our society, we identify and define ourselves by our thoughts rather than our action.  Why is this?

I believe much of it has to do with the education system.  In school we are taught to get good grades through reading (about others thoughts and experiences) and analyzing them (thinking about them), then writing a report (summarizing our thoughts). 

Very little actual action is taken on our part yet we are positively or negatively reinforced for our thoughts, our ego rather than our character.  This is probably the reason many graduates have trouble adjusting to the real world.

Imagine that you are visiting a foreign country and you can't speak the language so you bring a translator along with you.  The only way you can communicate with anyone is through your translator and he has a tendancy to add his own opinion and ideas into what he is translating.  

Since you don't know the language, it's hard to tell when he said something you didn't.  Eventually, if you make the effort, you can pick up when the translator is adding in his words through your gut feeling.  

You also find out that everyone else has a translator as well and sometimes your translator gets into a fight with theirs and you end up at odds with the other person.

So you decide to bypass both translators and communicate with others directly through your body language, facial expressions, and actions.  The other person is soooo grateful to feel such a strong connection, that you both experience joy and happiness like never before.

This angers the translator (since he is no longer needed), so he tries to scare you into believing that you will not survive without him, that he is you

You realize that he is not you but a servant of you.  You realize that when you return to your homeland you and him will go your separate ways for there will be no need for translation at home.

This is how the ego works, it tricks you into thinking you need it and that you are it, when all along, the ego is just a tool to help you in this physical world and you can let go of it as soon as you are accustomed to the world.

Lately I've been focusing on bypassing my translator, the ego, to reach the other person.  I've only made slight progress but the results have been very powerful. 

A great book that focuses a lot about the journey inward is The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman.  There is a powerful scene where Dan lets go of the ego and feels extreme fear and uncertainty without it yet pushes onward.

Another great way is utilizing the meditation exercises from Revive Your Sex Drive.

Daily meditations will allow you to bypass the ego more each time you do them, allowing your true inner being to communicate through you with others.

How to Stop Life From Passing You By

Monday, December 24th, 2007

How to stop life from passing you byDo you ever feel like your life is slipping through your fingers or that time is passing you by and you are powerless to stop it? 

I remember looking forward to special events or milestones in my life for many weeks, months or years.  "I just can't wait until this happens," I would tell myself as I'd get lost into my dreams of being there in the future. 

When the event finally happened, I felt like it went too fast as if I didn't get to savor it long enough or that it didn't fulfill me as much as I hoped.

The future does not exist, nor does the past.  The only thing that's real is NOW, this very moment.  Everything else is an illusion. As soon as you start thinking about the past, you are living in your memories.  As soon as you start imagining your future, you are living in your dreams. 

Both only exist in your mind.

I see only two ways to experience life at any given moment:

1. Living in the mind.
2. Living in the experience.

The mind is a tool for you to use to interpret your life, decide what you like and what you dislike, and create your own reality.  It is a necessary part of this existence, though most people use it more then they need to.

For example, when I am going to surf, I usually check the surf report online to see if the waves are breaking and at which beach.  I use my mind to look up the various reports and then decide on a beach and go.  Once I get to the beach, I surf for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air, bright sun, crashing waves, the sand underfoot; the whole experience.

The total time to look up the surf report is 5 minutes.  Investing that small amount of time enhances my experience of 3 hours surfing dramatically because it allows me to find the best waves.

But what if instead of spending 5 minutes on the report, I spent 3 hours researching the waves by analyzing each surf report & weather report in detail, checking various sources, calling friends, checking past charts and historic ocean swells, etc.  After which, I finally drove out to the one beach that my research specified was the best and found out my research was spot on! 

So I surfed for a total of 5 minutes, since that was all the time I had left.

That sounds ridiculous but it is the exact same thing many of us do with our own life.  I know I've done it.  Sure the mind is important and a little bit of research and analyzing is important but it's not everything.  In fact, it's not even close.  

The secret to enjoying life and grabbing time by the balls and saying "not so fast" is to become aware, to become present.  When you are about to eat, don't think about what's going on in the news, or what people you have to call, or what projects you want to work on, just eat.   Enjoy the food, observe the texture, breathe in the smell, appreciate the quality, savor the flavor. 

Play with your food. Our parents had it wrong this whole time.

Take any activity like walking around the park, having a drink with an old friend, or your favorite exercise and see if you can observe and experience everything

See if you can empty your mind completely and merge with the other person while you are talking with them.  Allow their every movement, word, and expression to soak into your perception.  It will amaze you.  You don't need to read all these body language books, just be aware.

It's tough at first and I am no master yet, but keep at it.  When you've experienced an event so fully with all your senses, that feeling of life "passing you by" will be gone and will be replaced by warmth and appreciation for life and all of existence.

When you are living in this experience on a constant basis, you open up the doors to abundance and true happiness. 

Give it a try and share your experience with us in the comment section if you like.

Experiencing Energy Healing

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Are you familiar with Reiki?  What about chakras?  Perhaps you're a bit hesitant about whether they are real methods of healing or just a placebo effect that the mind creates.  This experience may shed some light on the effectiveness of energy healing.

Reiki Pranic Energy Healing Hands using Chakras The past month I attended a spiritual fair where many energy healers, massage therapists, medical intuitives and psychics gathered to offer their services at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim California.

At the time, I thought it would be fun to check out.  Little did I know the powerful energetic changes that were about to take place within me.

I arrived at the location to find a small recreation church-like building in the immigrant side of town.  As I walk to the door, a kind old man greets me and asks for the $2 admission fee.  I give him the money and, with his shaking hands and warm smile, he places in a steel collection box. 

I walk through a narrow hallway and into a big room with about 25 psychics, healers, and therapists each about 3 feet away from each other with a small table and an empty chair in front of them or a client. Alongside the walls of the room are vendors selling crystals, books, stones, and herbal healing products.

I walk over to a poster board on the wall and see photos and information on each of the healers and therapists.  I briefly scan the descriptions and photos until I find this listing:

 "Yogi Yagnesh ShantiOm: Accomplished musician, poet, craftsman, yogi and a healer. He has helped many people by teaching Yoga, spiritual consoling, and by his healing hands. He combines Pranic Healing, with Tibetan Reiki and Special healing prayers & Mantras.  He has over 15 years experience as a spiritual healer."

The cost is $45 for a 30 minute healing session.  I walk over to the lady receptionist and tell her I would like a session with this healer.  Just as I am paying her, the healer walks over to her and says "So, anyone come in for me?"  She replies, "You're just in time, he wants a session with you."  We both chuckle and he says jokingly "See, I'm psychic." 

We walk upstairs to a large room with a massage table.  He asks me to take off my shoes and lay with my back on the table and my eyes closed.  He proceeds to check my chakras with a crystal pendulum and jokes that "its a good thing I came in" (I had been doing a lot of partying around this time which probably messed up my chakras).

As I lay with my eyes closed, I could feel him waving his hands and arms a few feet away from my body, as if he was fluffing my aura.  My ego kept blurting out thoughts like "This is total crap, he isn't doing anything, this is stupid."  I kept quieting my mind and saying to myself, "I am open to this healing and allow it to take place." 

Within a few minutes of that, he moves his hands towards my neck and I feel a powerful heat coming towards me as he lay his hands on the back of my head in a triangular position, as if propping it up with his hands.  He continues to place his hands there for a few minutes.

He proceeded to lay his hands in a different place and position for each chakra.   He then asks me to turn around so I am laying on my stomach.  He proceeds to lay his hands the same way on the back of each chakra. Each time it just felt like he was laying his warm hands on me and nothing special was happening.  It was kind of weird but I kept an open mind.

Then suddenly, as he was working on the back on the Solar Plexus and later, on Sacral chakra, I felt a sharp pain travel a few inches up into my heart and within 3 or 4 seconds dissipate into nothingness.  These two twinges of pain were the only things I felt the entire 30 minutes.

He finished up with another aura fluff and then I was done.  He tells me, "Don't take a shower until tomorrow, that way you keep the energy in you.  Also, you may feel some changes.  Like sudden crying, happiness, or a feeling of letting go." 

That day I felt good and although I didn't take a shower, I did go out to a club and had about 5 or 6 beers.  The next day I felt a bit hungover but had a little more awareness. 

The real change came two days later, Monday. I woke up excited to be alive and to start working. I felt happier and calmer for no particular reason.  I also felt like I had just had a big workout 2 days prior: my muscles were sore, like I was recuperating but rebuilding strength.  I had almost forgot that I went to a healer, until I started to connect the dots. 

A month later, I went to see him again for another healing session.  He tells me "You will be more receptive to the energy this time."  I lay down and go through the whole routine, except this time it feels different. 

Each time he lays his hands on me, instead of feeling nothing but a little warmness, it feels like his hands are charged with warm energy and are sending a stream of tingling sensations into my body.  I enjoy the feeling and relax.  This time, the mental chatter of skepticism does not come up at all. 

I thank him and go home.  That night I did not shower but again drank a few beers and partied.  The next day, however, was anything BUT normal.  The entire day I felt like I was lighter, almost like I was floating just a little.  I wrote in my journal about some realizations about myself and life.  I accepted myself on a whole new level and came to terms with my own imperfections (which led to this post). 

I poured my heart out as I wrote and felt a tremendous letting go.  Afterward, my entire chest and most of my body felt a powerful, almost electric charge, like a pervasive tingling.  It was like my heart was radiating energy and morphing or healing itself on new levels.  It was indescribable, like nothing I have ever felt before.  I literally felt like I had someone else's heart in my body.

The changes became more apparent as I continued with my daily life.  Things that worried me or bothered me seemed trivial.  I enjoyed just being with my friends, just spending time with them eating or talking.  When I went out to clubs I playfully flirted with girls with no consideration for what could go wrong. 

My female friends that I haven't called in a while started calling me non-stop to go out and party.  I started making more jokes about everything with everyone, I was funny again.  I enjoyed every part of life that I had somehow forgot before.  My eyes and heart became open to all the love around me that I had been resisting all along.  

I realized that living in the heart means enjoying life, not analyzing it.  In the past, as soon I would start to analyze a situation and try to "figure out" another person, I was operating out of the ego.  When I just let go of the need to analyze and interpret, I allow myself to enjoy everyone and everything without judgment.  That is living from the heart.  

I did chakra meditations to keep the feeling for as long as possible.  It slowly drifted away to some extent, but my heart remained at a level of consciousness much higher than before.  I had been working on my own chakras for a long time, which I believe allowed me to get so much benefit from the healings in such short time. 

My goal now is to develop a lifestyle that supports this heart consciousness; and utilizing regular energy work with myself and healers is now a part of that.

Attention is Your Spiritual Currency

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

We are all familiar with using money to exchange goods and services.  We utilize our specialized skills and knowledge to create value for others and then are compensated for it in the form of Dollars, Euros, and so on.  We use currency to enrich the quality of our life by purchasing things that we want and making profitable investments.

In the non-physical world, things behave in a similar way.  Think of your thoughts as if they were currency.  Every thought that you have is a purchase, an investment.  

What investments are you making every day?  Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, what parts of yourself are you spiritually financing?  Every time you read the newspaper, watch TV, or speak with others, what parts of the world are you spiritually financing?

Every time you put your attention onto something that you really want, you are spiritually financing it, even if it doesn't yet exist.  When you've financed it with enough positive emotion, desire, and energy (often in the form of action), it will eventually be paid off and will then manifest into your life.

This is how you communicate with the universe.  You invest your attention, your energy, and the universe will manifest your investment. 

We truly are the creators of our universe.

Most people experience problems when they notice their investments haven't yet manifested, and they begin to lose hope.  They lose the positive emotion that was driving the investment, and they begin to focus on the lack that they are experiencing rather then what they want. 

This is where you can use gratitude and self-acceptance as your secret weapons for rapidly speeding up manifestation and inoculating yourself against the possibility of losing hope.  

Gratitude is an amazing thing.  It allows you to appreciate everything that you already have which creates powerful positive emotions inside you.  These positive emotions are the driving force behind your manifestations.  They open the floodgates to receiving more from the universe.  

Many people bounce around spiritually; first they are excited about manifesting and focus on what they want, then they start to lose hope and focus on the lack of it.  This up and down emotional roller coaster sends mixed signals to the universe and slows or stops manifestation.

If they practice gratitude, they bounce from being excited and happy about what they want, to being appreciative and grateful for what they have.  One message communicates to the universe, "This is what I want, send it to me", while the other one communicates, "I appreciate and take care of what I already have."  Both support your manifestation.

Imagine that you are a parent and your kid has a pet dog that he doesn't feed properly and often ignores.  If he says to you, "I want another dog and I know that I haven't been taking care of this one but when I get a second one I promise I will change."  Do you think you would get him another dog?  No way!  He has to be able to handle one before he can even think about getting two. 

The universe is the same way.  Through gratitude you are communicating to the universe, "I can be trusted with more, send away."

Self-Acceptance is basically gratitude focused on yourself.  When you accept yourself just the way you are, you are releasing the barriers to manifestation.  It removes the neediness from your emotions.  Sometimes people put conditions on their happiness such as, "I'll be happy when I lose 10 pounds," or "I'll love myself once I get a girlfriend."  This tells the universe, "I am not happy with myself now."

People often bounce around spiritually here as well; first they will be excited about manifesting better health, but then they will look at themselves right now and are reminded of their sickness and lose hope.  This also sends mixed signals to the universe.

By accepting yourself with all your imperfections, you bounce from being excited about improving yourself, to being grateful for your unique qualities and being happy with yourself exactly as you are at that moment.  Both support your manifestation.

How do we cultivate gratitude and self-acceptance?  For gratitude, see my previous post on Transforming Frustration into Power.  As for self-acceptance, it's probably the hardest for most people and I'm not able to give it all to you in just one paragraph.

For starters you could check out the TAT or EFT and move onto many of the programs in the resources section.   

So remember:

What spiritual investments are you making today?