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Revive Your Sex Drive: Free Taoist Sexual Energy Techniques Book

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Revive Your Sex Drive Free eBookSexual energy is often overlooked in much of the dating and seduction material out there, yet it’s the cornerstone of enjoying a satisfying life with women and with your self.

No amount of good pickup lines or mastering body language will make up for a lack of sexually charged confidence.

Why do some guys just seem to ooze this sexual energy while others seem like sexually-neutral nice guys?

Is there a precise, step-by-step method of harnessing this sexual energy and confidence?

I believe there is a way, a way that does not require medication, constant mental rehearsal, or any other complicated or expensive method.

I just put the finishing touches on the Revive Your Sex Drive eBook package which you can download right by now entering your name and email below:

This eBook covers the most powerful ideas and techniques that I've learned from studying Chinese Taoism, Spirituality, and the Dating & Seduction community.  These include:

  • Why Porn Drains Your Energy and Confidence and Increases Approach Anxiety
  • How to Let Go of the Addiction to Porn Easily
  • A Daily Exercise to Strengthen Your Prostrate, Increase Your Sex Drive, and Improve Your Confidence
  • Why Computers Literally Drain Your Energy and How to Counter Their Negative Effects
  • A Simple Daily Meditation To Open the Energy in Your Heart (Audio Included)
  • Nutrition for Enhanced Sexual Energy and Vitality

This Guide to Increased Sexual Energy, Confidence, and Power is intended to be used by men looking to increase their inherent masculine energy (of course, we need integrate both yin and yang as well).

How do we do this?

In the book I discuss areas where most guys leak sexual energy, such as with the widespread addiction to porn, and ways to maintain and increase it.

Then I discuss the Chinese Taoists model of energy along with the common spiritual model of energy and chakras and how they relate to sexual energy.

Then I cover the exact step-by-step daily exercise to rejuvenate a man's sexual energy, endurance, and overall health. 

Lastly, I discuss yang nutrition and a couple powerful ways to develop your emotional strength.

To give you a better idea of what exactly is in this book, take a look at the table of contents:

    Sexual Energy, Confidence, and My Story
    Yin and Yang Balances

Chapter 1 – Keeping Your Sexual Energy
    Porn: The Real Energy Drainer
        Leaking Sexual Energy
        The Emotional Connection within Sex
        Letting Go of the Addiction to Porn
        Self-Acceptance Tuning Fork Meditation
        Consciously Participating in the Addiction to Porn
        Developing a Sexual Relationship with Yourself
    Energizing Your Life and Overcoming Inactivity
        Take a Walk
        Exercises to Increase Your Life Energy
    Computers Drain Your Energy and Happiness
        Balancing Your Environment with Negative Ions
    Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Body
        Meditation Exercise

Chapter 2 – Understanding Energy: Glands and Chakras
    Taoist Model of Energy
        The Seven Glands
    Spiritual Model of Energy
        The Seven Chakras
        Understanding Energy and Chakras
    Taoist Sexual Wisdom
        Your Body’s Self-Healing Ability
        Conserving the Energy of Ejaculation
        The Energy Transfer of Sex

Chapter 3 – Strengthen Your Prostate and Rejuvenate Your Sexual Energy.
    An Ancient Taoist Secret: The Deer Exercise
        How to Perform the Deer Exercise
        Curing Impotence with The Deer Exercise

Chapter 4 – Nutrition, Emotional Strength, and the Yang Town Mission.
    Nutrition for Yang Sexual Energy
        Mung Beans and Rice Soup
        Yogi Tea Golden Energy
    Overcoming Emotional Fears and Blocks
    How you can help the Yang Town Mission

So check it out and then post your comments, questions or experiences here.

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Thanks and enjoy.