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I’m Ryan Randolph (my pen name, that is).  I’m 29 and live in Los Angeles, California.  I’ve created this blog to be a resource for men as they face life’s challenges and grow spirituality.

Frankly, I don’t know how I ended up here, writing a spiritual blog for men.  Had you told me a few years ago that this is what I’d be doing, I would have laughed or shrugged it off as unlikely.

Yet somehow, that ever present and subtle voice inside keeps nudging me along this path.  Start a blog…join this online forum…work with this energy healer…write this ebook….talk to this teacher…and so on.

Hundreds of small, and seemingly unimportant, decisions culminating into a powerful momentous shift, so much so that I didn’t even realize how far I had come until I looked back.

As I learned to surrender more and more to this inner guidance, I began to realize my purpose in all of it.

I have come to be of service; to utilize my unique gifts of a clear writing style along with a birds eye view perspective and a knack for blending many different ideas into one big cohesive theory.

Some heal others with their hands; others with their presence.

I intend to heal with my words; to re-contextualize the challenges men face daily in such a way that a healing takes place within the mind.

In this way, they may more easily access the truth within their own spirit, and allow it to trickle down to every aspect of their life; empowering their thought, word, and action.

Why the name Yang Town?

Yang comes from Yin/Yang, as understood in Chinese Taoism.

Yin and yang is a simple way to describe two opposing forces that make up everything that exists.  Yang is expansive, hot, light, fire and so on, whereas yin is contractive, cool, dark, and water.

In the context of relationships yang is the leader, masculine, and purpose driven whereas yin is the follower, feminine, and full of loving radiance. Every person has both yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) within them, yet they have only one core energy which is like their “default” state.

Most women are born with feminine core and most men are born with a masculine core.  When a man has integrated both his masculine and feminine sides, his energy flows through him easily and naturally.

In the old days, men faced challenges such as going off to war to battle enemies, constant starvation or disease, and dealing with corrupt rulers.  Men needed to be big, strong, and fearless.

In today’s information age of knowledge workers and all the comforts of technology, it seems like these type of men are no longer needed.  The challenges men face today have transformed in such a way that most guys don’t even see them as such.

The strength they need is no longer an outer-physical one, but rather something else….

What’s needed?

A new paradigm for what it means to be a man.  What I describe as the Yang Man.

A Yang Man has integrated both his yin side (feminine) and his yang side (masculine), yet he lives primarily in his masculine because this state relaxes him and energizes him.

He leads physically, mentally, and emotionally.

He answers to an inner code of honor: his standards of integrity. His life’s purpose is directed, whole-heartedly, by his mission. All else is secondary.

His heart is open wide, unwaveringly connected to universal energy. His love for others mirrors his own high self-love. His emotional state is rooted like an oak tree; unresponsive to others’ victim hood or outbursts.

He leads by the power of example, rather than the force of ego. He knows what one has pales in comparison to who one is.

So this blog is like a temple for those men who set off on the path of becoming Yang Men to come to learn, discuss, and discover.

The first step of this journey is to become grounded and get a handle on one’s own sexual drives and desires; since this is the foundation for the higher levels of integrity, power, and love.

So I’ve created a free eBook summarizing the most powerful ideas and techniques that I’ve learned from studying Chinese Taoism, Spirituality, and the Dating & Seduction community.

Read more here: How to Revive Your Sex Drive using The Deer Exercise


Interested in the Creation of Yang Town? View the Making of Video:

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26 Responses to “About”

  1. Psyneh Says:

    hey ryan!

    I found your blog through the comment you posted on my site and I must
    say that I liked you blog, very interessting to read your thoughts.. anyways
    wanna link exchange? if you do, mail me.. / psyneh

  2. Kate Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I just wanted to express how impressed and surprised I am about your website. But don’t worry its a good thing! I have yet to look at everything and I am curious to continue exploring…

    Nice to meet you and have a great week!:)

  3. Ryan Says:

    Hi Kate, thanks for kind words and for stopping by. It’s always good to see fellow stumblers here. Take care 🙂

  4. Lee Says:

    Nicely done young man… I’m glad to have found a kindred spirit.

  5. Candace Says:

    This is a great site and will inspire many men on their own journeys. Keep up the great work. If you have a moment check out Feng Shui at my site.

  6. Elaine Says:

    Wow! congratulations! This is really awesome and inspiring. I am so touched and moved by the introduction page of yourself, the journey of transformation and in search of the higher self. Awesome! do continue with the great sharing.

  7. LA_computer_repair_dude Says:

    I feel you Ryan. I also live in L.A., and have read DeAngelo’s ebooks and found them insightful, but I’ve never actually been able to use his methods with a straight face.

    Being a little older than you (late ’30’s) and still not having found “the one”, all I can say is that the world changed more for me between 25 and 32 than it did at any other time in my life. I also had a gorgeous high-maintenance girlfriend at age 27 (she was 23) and I had to deal with trying to build a relationship with a person who CONSTANTLY was getting hit on, her vanity reinforced every day.

    Girls at this age often DO NOT like boys the most. What they like most is FUN- though many guys erroneously think girls mainly want money and nice cars (both just tools that enable fun). I have found that here in LA, the Pretty Young Thing that suddenly finds herself approaching 30 often starts shedding the bratty girl behavior as they start to fear getting too old before getting married and they realize there are always younger, prettier girls coming up behind them. Meanwhile, guys don’t start to come into their own until they close in on age 30. So right when a guy starts to feel better, feel more mastery, becoming more interesting to opposite sex, the desperate-to-get-married girls of his age range are now chasing him the way he chased them 8 years earlier.

    Allow another five years to go by then revisit your relationship. You’ll see it in a less-hurtful light. Just my take 🙂

  8. Ryan Says:

    Yeah man, that is sooo true. I am already feeling it as my female friends are starting to wake up and realize time is no longer as friendly. You’ll probably notice I redid the about section, as I’ve been meaning to for a while now. I’ve realized the real pain wasn’t in the relationship as much as it was in getting stuck in the ego and the negative thought patterns. Anyway, thanks for the good words.

  9. Yang Says:

    I love this blog man. I love it how you talk about Yang men when my name is Yang hahahahaha

  10. Sickman Says:

    I’m single, sick (chronic fatigue syndrome), and still horny. Any advice on not depleting myself through you-know-what? I need that energy to heal, yet I get too horny to resist the urge! I’ve tried to redirect the energy up the spine, but it just makes me hornier. It’s hard to get the energy following up rather than down. Acupuncturists and Chi Kung healers notice it too and hint, with a tact only the Chinese have, that I better stop. So far, I haven’t been able to for very long, and it’s not like it’s all the time or anything. Just a normal amount for a young man my age, maybe even less. Hehheee, okay, this is getting way too personal, but it’s a very serious and important question!

  11. Ryan Says:

    Hey Yang, lol yah thats good stuff.

    Hey Sickman, I would start using eft on as many issues as you can find in your life. It simply sounds like you have too much energy in some centeres and not enough in others. Cultivating a healthy self-talk/thought process, in addition to working with energy healers, and reducing the use of porn can heal your body very rapidly.

  12. Siegfrid Says:

    Hello Ryan,

    I love your site. I just skimmed through it, and I love it. Full of what I’ve been looking for. I came in touch with Reiki, been practising Taiji, a bit of Qi Gong, and only read a bit about Shamanism…

    So in the end, all of these are about the same thing right?

    About life energy, Universal Energy….

    I want to know your views on these. I rarely meet people who’ve explored as much as you.

    I’ll come by frequently.


  13. Ryan Says:

    Hey Siegfrid,
    Thanks man, yeah its pretty all about connecting to universal source energy. I am practing kundalini yoga and am still exploring tai chi and gi gong though I have heard much about their profound healing benefits. I would definitely recommend some type of consistent energy workout. I would look around your area for these types of classes, checkout perhaps. Cheers.

  14. Roger Says:

    Hi Ryan

    I found your site from a link on Slashdot to then reading your comments on P5Y about how world peace can be achieved from individual inner peace.
    That really struck a chord with me, so here I am. I’ll be a regular visitor from now on.


  15. Sickman Says:

    Hi, I’m back. I started doing EFT like you advised, but then I found, which, I just saw in your list of “Friends” links. Wish I’d seen it before, but I found it on my own eventually. 🙂 That site did it for me, man. I no longer deplete my Jing through masturbation, and the intense cravings for it are gone! Amazing site… so anyone else having trouble with that, definitely check them out. I’m Tantra11 over there.

  16. Ryan Says:

    Hey Roger, thanks man that is great to hear. That P5Y organization seems like a great movement so its cool to hear what wrote resonanted with you.

    Sickman, right on, yeah that site has some good resources as far as the sexual stuff goes, thanks for the heads up.

  17. David C. Hedegaard Says:

    Hello Ryan Randolph

    Your site is very interesting and, of course, concerns itself with topics of great importance to people in general. I have downloaded your ebook “Revive your sex drive” which you offer for free and


    – It is rare nowadays to be offered anything of value for free.

    Best regards

    David C. Hedegaard, Denmark

  18. Collagen Cream Says:

    This made me feel happy, like I was floating on a cloud 🙂

  19. Blake Quiller Says:

    Hi – It’s great to read such topical writing on the Web as I have been able to fiind here. I agree with most of what is written here and I’ll be coming back to this website again. Thanks again for publishing such great reading material!!

  20. Lucien Says:

    Ryan, I’m inspired by how you arrived at offering this. It touches something in me. Thanks

  21. Abhay Says:

    Powerful work. Keep it up! Exactly what young men need today!

  22. anthony Says:

    Hey ryan,

    really felt encouraged by your thoughts on helping men find their true self. I have been regularly involved with mens work through a church ministry. I put a site together called drumbeats because of the same desire to encourage men and maybe provide some answers to their struggles. I recently attended a mens rite of passage retreat. It was powerful and transforming. i wish I had done this as a young man. I now encourage everyman to go on these as they fill in the missing parts. keep up the good work.


  23. Eben Pagan Says:

    I really loved your webpost. I am creating a presentation, and I would love to use some of the info in this web article in it. Is this allowed? If so, I may also use some of the material in my Internet Marketing blog, but I will definitely leave a source link to your article if I use any of your stuff. Anyway, I look forward to more of your great material and shoot me an email if I can help you at all.

  24. David Says:

    Hello Ryan

    My name is David C. Hedegaard and I have,
    long ago, written some comments on your page I have become aware that
    when I enter my name on “google” it leads
    to my comments on ‘yangtown’, and since I am
    a very private person, I would like to ask you
    to remove my middle-initial and surname, C. Hedegaard.

    Thank you,

    Best regards

    David C. Hedegaard

  25. Anurag Says:

    Hello frnd,
    This is the first time I exactly found most of the info in one place.

    Wonderful initiative.

  26. Gieo Says:

    Ryan, valuable material that you have collected together and offered up through your various content.

    I have shifted my work to be on the computer for many hours a day. In the past few years I notice how I have developed a mild form of social awkwardness. The frame work that you provide has helped me understand what has happened and how to get out of this rut.

    Thanks for your service to men and to anyone being affected by the side affects of the computer age.


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